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May 18, 2009 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

Blind Date

HIM: This was the first blind date I have ever been on. Naturally I was really nervous which is why I had to get to the Garden Bar early and have a few drinks to get a little bit relaxed.

After reading a few other blind date stories I was determined to get through the bar tab like any good honest poor student would. I was looking at the door constantly until a female I instantly recognised from uni walked through the door.

After greeting her and a few dumb half-assed questions like “Hey what are?”, “are you here for?” we both realised we were on a blind date together. This helped us get past the whole awkward introduction and small talk stage and let us focus on what was really important: the bar tab.

She then started to play catch up with a few shots. We sat down at a table, got some pizza and then got to know each other a bit better.

After about three hours of binge drinking we seemed to be getting along like a house on fire. We were really surprised to hear our tab was coming to an end, until we tried to stand up. We had finished it off in record time and were not ready to end the night there.

Because I wasn’t too comfortable being drunk in a bar full of gay guys we meet up with her mate who was out in town and hit Wellington. I’m not exactly sure where we went but after visiting a few different bars and spending a few free tax-payer’s dollars, we ended up on the dance floor of some pub.

After a few songs and some funky non-sober dance moves we got a bit closer to each other and our lips eventually met. The night then continued til 2am and because she might hunt me down, I have to end the story here. Although I did get her number in the end so I will give her a text and maybe we could go on another date sometime?

Thanks Bonno (our bar tender), The Garden Bar and Salient for an awesome night.

HER: So I put my name down for this blind date thing thinking, “What the hell it’s a cool way to meet new people and get free booze.”

I was wearing flat shoes just in case I had to make a break for it, and about an hour before my date had even started I was texting mates and flatmates asking them to rescue me.

I was really freaking nervous.

I was waiting outside for it to turn eight o’clock, looking like a dork on Courtenay Place, sitting in front of Herbal Haven and thinking: “It’s ok, I’ll just have some casual drinks and be myself.” I headed up the stairs and walked in half-hoping, half-expecting to see some bedraggled, starving student who was just in it for the free pizza. But I was so, so wrong. He was well dressed and not a complete random at all. He was a new friend who I hadn’t seen since term one. I was so shocked and he was just smiling at me and I was just all like smiling back.

Both of us just saying stupid stuff like: “Whhhaaaat?”, “What are you doing here?” and “Are you serious?” It took me a few moments to get my head on and then he gave me a hug and we went straight to the bar and downed some Jaeger shots.

We stood at the bar for ages, just drinking and chatting about shiz, then grabbed a table and ordered some pizza. Which, in my drunken state, was really amazing pizza. My date, being polite, attentive and cool—possibly a little cooler than he normally is—danced like crazy everywhere we went and then tried to kiss me behind some curtains at Bodega.

I was having a great time and held his hand on more than one occasion.

Garden Bar was real cool—funky, sexy and naturalistic, or maybe that’s just because the toilets smelt like animal cages. But seriously though, it was so wicked and I am so glad that I went on this blind date thing. Bonno was a wicked bartender, Garden Bar was a pretty sweet place, I went back on Saturday night and it was packed out. To my date: thanks for the lovely evening and can you come pick up your singlet sometime? Cause it’s still on my bedroom floor. xx


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