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May 11, 2009 | by  | in Opinion Theatre | [ssba]

Comedy Round Table, Pt. 2

Last week Uther Dean, Dominique Lecchi and I, Nic ‘Sando son of’ Sando squatted in a room conversing with each other about which Comedy Festival shows we were especially looking forward to. Uther asked me why this was a round table, and apparently, according to a bewildered Dom, my shrieking “Round Table” repeatedly did not make it so. Well, fuck you guys. This is some of the stuff what we decided we want to see in this week.

1. Toby Hadoke’s Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf. Uther Dean and myself, The Lundy Twins if you will, being geek burger JRs, encourage any of the nerd elite at Vic to go see this. I’m talking to you, members of the Sci-fiClub, Games Club, and Interface, give in to your popular culture leanings and see the show that you’ve probably already downloaded, but live! It’s probably going to be in a higher res than what you’ve got, right?

2. True Stories by Fergus Aitken. Why?! Well, it’s going to be one of the smarter and more lucid of the late-night shows (it’s on at 10.30pm, at the Paramount). Fergus Aitken is also a pretty tested performer, having been doing his tháng, as I call it, from before Pokémon was a thing. Plus, that Dai Henwood’s protégé guy, Guy Williams, is Fergus’s opener, and he’s actually pretty good too. So, it’s pretty much a genius late-night double team that will earn you huge comedy fest cred. You’d be retarded not to go.

3. Miscellaneous Etc. WHAT?! It’s a bunch of up-and-coming Wellington Stand Ups doing a show together at the Fringe Bar. Some of them come from Victoria University. Bernard Stuart has a beard I’d like to nest in. Also, Dom and I both have this huge comedy crush on Cruzanne Macalister, who is one of the comics on the bill. Well, I also would like to be her, but that’s neither here nor there. [See this week’s column.]

4. Monkey vs. Robot. I want to see anything that references a James Kochalka comic, and as Jarrod Baker writes Newtown Ghetto Anger which is a ‘webcomic’ (note this Interface), and TJ McDonald is a huge nerd, I am guessing that this was not an accident. Anyway, Baker won part of a Billy T Award, and McDonald was amusing during first laughs, so it’s fairly safe that this will be awesome.

I’ve written about four shows, but there are obviously more out there. How about you take a look around and take a punt on some comedy, it might be fun. Or it might kill you in some freak accident. You choose.


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