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May 4, 2009 | by  | in Games | [ssba]

Killzone 2 – It’s Better Than Halo

Killzone 2, probably the most hyped up PS3 game in a long time. Being the neglected PS3 fanboy that I am, I bought into the hype, watching all the previews and beta test videos on YouTube. Needless to say my expectations were high, possibly even inflated. So after a long week at uni, in amongst try-hard-epic-phail-/facepalm hipster wannabes with their lame-ass Lower gearz and Country Road bags (btw wtf is up with these bags, someone tell me why they’re so cool?!) I was in a br00t4l, let’s-fuck-shit-up-mood. Usually I would complement this mood with some in-your-face m3t4l+HxC breakdowns and two-step my way home but today was different. Killzone 2 was $104.99 away from being mine…

Playing hard to get, it took some time to get going. Constantly teasing me with loading screens and updates installs, it finally relented and got started. And daaaayumn was it the pR0no on my hi-def TV (should only be played in hi-def, if you still use RCA connections on a dirty old warehouse CRT, please GTFO!). The intro movie to the initial mission was the best looking graphics I had ever seen.

The first thing I noticed was that movement felt slower and heavier than most other FPS games that I had played. Personally I think this adds to the realism, unlike other FPS where cheap cunts like Hans-Moron are able to instantly go to prone in fierce one-one gun fights. [Yeah this shit is fucking annoying, and is the only reason why he beats me in CoD4, what a h4x0r.—Shinigami]

With the game levels and layout well designed, the combat system did an adequate job without having to depend too much on the Gears of War style cover ‘pop out and shoot’ game play. In some situations I was forced to do a ‘Rambo’ in order to efficiently clear the baddies, but sometimes that strat would have been just plain n00b, and would have ended in an epic fail. So strategy is important here.

AI in the game for the most part does a satisfactory job, but sometimes in certain levels, (usually the tricky ones) the AI has a brain-explosion, making difficult levels an absolute hair-pullin rage-quitting nightmare (you know the ones—when you’re powering through the game then you reach one particular section that you spend hours trying to beat, and only get there through trial and error plus a bit of luck). Oddly enough this could have easily been prevented with the inclusion of a co-op option. Yes that’s right; there is no co-op. WTF?! This was my biggest disappointment with Killzone 2. Does Guerrilla Games think that all gamers live in their mum’s basement?

For squad-based style of gameplay, the exclusion of co-op, whether through online or offline seems to be a backward step, especially when games like Gears of War 1 and 2 and RE5 have managed to incorporate it so well, adding another social dimension so that my 1337 mates can join in the fun. On a much lower scale, but sometimes equally annoying, is the inability of my squad members to revive me when I go down, yet for some reason, I still have the ability… da fuk, yo?! That shit’s discriminatory.

The enemy AI however are a smart bunch of English speaking, human-esque mutants from another planet—they will actually notice a grenade and will scram to avoid it, as well as attacking tactically and pretty much doing a good job. Which is a nice challenge.

An interesting move by the designers is the ability to only carry one main weapon alongside the handgun (which is pretty good I found) forcing me to use my judgement to choose an appropriate weapon.

Killzone 2 may not be the perfect game that people had expected, but it’s still pretty good. Even if you get bored of single player, the multiplayer is da bomb. It has a strong community and incorporates various multiplayer game genres into a single hosted game which is worth the purchase price itself, so go get it. Oh, and add me—“Rybakk”—I’ve got no PSN friends. :(

Game: Killzone 2
Developer: Guerrilla Games
Genre: First Person Shooter
Platform: Playstation 3



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