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May 27, 2009 | by  | in Online Only | [ssba]

Latimer: That’s how I roll… Freemantle

Salient has just learned that VUWSA Education Welfare Officer Robert Latimer has gathered enough signatures to table a motion rolling President Jasmine Freemantle.

The announcement was made during VUWSA’s weekly Exec meeting.

A minimum of 10 signatures are needed to table a motion forcing a sitting VUWSA president from office.

A quorum of 100 students at an SGM will be needed for the motion to be moved. Two thirds of those voting need to be in favour of the motion for it to carry.


Salient can now report that the attempt at gathering enough signatures to roll President Freemantle was botched. The copy handed to Administration Vice President Alex Neilson by fellow exec member Robert Latimer was incorrectly phrased.

The form presented was deemed unconstitutional by Neilson.

“They mucked it up,” he said.

Neilson then explained to Latimer how to put forward a motion for an SGM to roll the President in a legitimate fashion.

“As members they are entitled to put the motion forward, I even typed out the exact wording,” he said.

After tonight’s Exec meeting, President Freemantle remained upbeat about her prospects, directing questions about the incident from Salient to Neilson.

[Salient apologises for accidentally deleting the post before. We’ve had some issues with uploading content. Please click here for the Google cache page with previous 49 comments. JJW]


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  1. labourrulz says:

    I can confirm that Jasmine has taken at least $14,288.48 from students so far this year (only 5 months in) in order to pay a lawyer for dubious purposes. By the end of 2009 Jasmine could match or more her cheerleader in chief, Nick Kelly’s obscene 2006 expenditure.

    The legal expenditure for previous President’s (full year) is as follows:

    2008 = $17, 199.25 Joel Cosgrove
    2007 = $12,553.56 Geoff Hayward
    2006 = $32,397.83 NICK KELLY
    2005 = $1,665.80 Jeremy Greenbrook
    2004 = $1,252.59 Amanda Hill

  2. Guangdong says:

    Amanda wasn’t a Labour member then, and if I remember rightly Jeremy was part of Labour, but too old for YL.

    I don’t think it is so much the party that these people belong to. I think it is their natural inclination and drive to reform, along some ideaological line.

    It is no surprise that kelly is living out his dream vicariously thru freementle and is probably a driving force behind her: finishing the fuck uppery that a few dozen communist thinking exec members started.

    In sayung that. Maybe it would be a wise idea to pass a consitutional motion banning current members of political parties from standing, or at least running on a party ticket. Party politics should have no place in a students association. The best interests of students should be the driving force. Not party or idealogical lines.

  3. Ian Anderson says:

    “I think it is their natural inclination and drive to reform, along some ideaological line.”

    How is getting advice on restricting the right to strike or hold stopwork meetings an ideological WP line?

  4. Footy Fan says:

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  5. [not actually] Salient says:

    fuck salient is a lame duck. Fuck off wood.

    [Wanna stop us being a lame duck? Come up to the office and have a chat with me. JJW]

  6. Gibbon says:

    JJW has anyone ever actually taken up your offer of a personal visit and chat?

  7. Daniel J Miles says:

    I did once. He provided scones.

  8. Me too, and he employed me.

  9. Laura McQuillan says:

    Me too, and then he locked me in his basement and made my skin into a suit.

    Oh wait, that was Peter Manglethwaite.

  10. Jackson Wood says:

    Gibbon: Nope, they’re all too chicken shit to front up to their—usually anonymous—comments. That, or they can’t find the office.

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