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May 4, 2009 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

Salient’s 1st Blind Date

Her: Upon entering the venue, I was extremely aware of who was seated around the place—confusion set in as I realised everyone was gay. Leaning on the bar I whispered to the bar-tender that I was there for a blind date. He flicked his wrist and in an airy fairy manner told me, “That is the whole purpose dahhhhhling.”

Yes, yes it was. In walked a dreamboat who couldn’t possibly be my date, but he was indeed. He hardly acknowledged me as he ordered a drink right away. I actually felt the need to clearly state—for the record—that I was his date.

I learnt my date had a fear of fat people. Thank god I had lost that 20kg over the summer. I declared that I was intensely happy he wasn’t a cyber geek who never left the house and had finally decided to venture out using Salient Blind Date as a premise for IRL interaction. Basically I had hoped for a guy who wouldn’t end up stalking me as his only means of social contact. But anyway, this guy was hot and the good kind of foreign.

We established almost right away an age difference of 3 years, I was the “Older women.” Something I’m enjoying the thought of more and more. At one point I left the building to use the public toilets across the way. On my way a guy hit on me despite me informing him—rather smugly—that I was on a date. That was the first of many come on’s I had to endure that night. It never rains but it certainly pours. Sigh.

My friend was lying in wait just down at Hope Bros and sent a guy up, who would be the second option. Just in case. This guy was a bit strange, but I got his number anyway. The date’s two mates joined us. They also clearly stated that they were options for me if need be. How kind. Nevertheless I thought I had a perfectly good date in front of me. Although I was, and still am, confused as to how I ended up with so many options while on a date, when I have been oh so lonely and finding it extremely hard to ummm… connect.

All in all, I think we were both pleasantly surprised, especially him when he learnt the bar tab was all his, thus the date lasted a long long time—10 hours to be precise. And I’ll leave the ending to your hungry imaginations.

First blind date ever: SUCCESS!


What could be more alluring to a poor student who likes to drink then a free night of booze and food? Perhaps winning lotto, but lets be honest the chances are slim and of course that didn’t happen so when a friend cheekily suggested I should do the blind date for shits and giggles I thought of the bigger picture… free BOOZE!

Where to start? How about the parts I do actually remember well enough to write about. As instructed, I met my date at the Garden Club at 8pm. My date was immediately obvious because everyone else there was spiking my “gaydar” off the hook but then again it could have been that she was the only girl there sitting by herself.

I had no idea what to expect of the night so I went into with no expectations and some pre-drinks to help warm me up which turned out unnecessary considering the HUGE bar tab that was on offer. My date was very friendly albeit a bit older and the only fear I had was that I would be placed with an orca whale type girl who would eat the bar tab and possibly even me. Thankfully this wasn’t the case.

My date has sworn off booze which probably made it an interesting night for her: Watching the progession of drinks, to hopeless drunk to me totally wasted. But in my defence I was determined to polish of the bar tab. Of course I failed and in my failed attempt it only lead me to be totally inebriated and to lose most my memory of the night.

From here it gets things get very blurry. Friends from her side came and went as did mine and then I think we ended up in Lotus, then a kebab place which was closing meaning it must have been really early. Fnally my date being the a good sport and managing to drop me off home to my neighbourhood in a suburb miles from where she lives.

Kudos for Salient for hooking me up on the date, Garden Club for getting me boozed on student night, the bar tenders Tristian and Steve who served us, and finally to my date for making it an interesting night. Blind date—do it!


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