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Constitutional Conundrum

The current VUWSA by-election may be in breach of the constitution and therefore totally invalid. A letter sent to VUWSA’s returning officer by incessant VSM pusher Peter McCaffrey points out that under Schedule 2, Point 24, B, (Page 23) the option of “no confidence” can only be used “In the event that there is only one candidate, for any one of these positions, or only five candidate[s] for the executive”.

McCaffrey, whose email to the returning officer can be found here, is adamant the rules have been breached and the election should be invalidated.

“Why do we force students to pay millions of dollars to student associations, when they can’t even follow their own constitution and hold legitimate elections?” McCaffrey harped on.

VUWSA President Jasmine Freemantle said “there is a procedure in place as underlined in the VUWSA constitution. Any complaints concerning VUWSA elections are handled by he returning officer and or election committee as is appropriate.” Freemantle felt it inappropriate to comment further on the issue because of this and being unaware of the challenge tll Salient informed her.

Jeremy Greenbrook-Held, former president and member of the VUWSA election committee said: “It has unintentionally happened in the past and wasn’t a problem at the time. It’s a crude interpretation of the constitution.”

The instance which Greenbrook-Held cites was the 2004 election where no one lost to No Confidence.

The last person to lose to No Confidence was, coincidentally, Jasmine Freemantle in 2002 when she ran for 2003 Welfare Vice-President.

Below is a screenshot of how one student voted.



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  1. Alexander Waters says:

    I donated to the No Confidence campaign.

  2. Laura McQuillan says:

    If only Alex Neilson was still there, this never would have happened.

  3. Alexander Waters says:

    I once donated to the Alex Neilson campaign.

  4. mikeDD says:

    Can’t believe Peter McCaffrey is still there. Still harping on about VSM. Lucky for VUWSA, may can be read many ways…. Lucky ACT will die off soon and we wont have to hear from Pete again.

  5. Alexander Waters says:

    I refuse to donate to the McCaffrey campaign.

  6. Wee Hamish says:

    Ack! Yeh woulden heer ’bout it. Fookin’ Voosah kahn evan ron a fookin’ eleckion propahley. Tho aye kahn’t tawk; tha onlee ronning aye do is wen aye ron frum me fookin’ dahd and hus fookin’ jug chord.

  7. Rarah Sobson says:

    The person who voted entirely no confidence is an inspiration to society. I have no confidence.

  8. Alexander Waters says:

    I donated a PAP schmear to the Sobson campaign.

  9. Nappa says:

    PeterMcc stars in “ACT Your Age: With Peter McCaffery” a show where Pete walks around smug as fuck sipping on a milkshake and reminding people how shit they are.

  10. peteremcc says:

    Agreed Rarah Sobson, though I did break my habit of all No Confidence to vote for Lucy Deane.

  11. Alexander Waters says:

    I donated a sense of humour to the Nappa campaign.

  12. Peter Manglethwaite says:

    Nappa’s just jealous because Peter’s milkshake brings all the tards to the yard.

  13. Alexander Waters says:

    I donated a block rockin’ beat to the Manglethwaite Campaign. Booya.

  14. Skins De'Slick says:

    Jasmine, baby, you don’t have to worry about “confidence” when you’re with Skins. Skins is confident he can meet your quorum and then some. Smoooth

  15. goku_karori_28 says:

    heh… i like the cut of peter’s gib. if i wasn’t laying down truth bullets at a counterstrike LAN last year, i would’ve voted ACT. they’re as close to the honourable dr ron paul as you can get, smirk.

    what i want to know from these bejita-sans is how many of them have held a gun. heh. like really held a gun. i’ve held one. twice. smirk. my shooting range scores were in the top 10 for at least three hours when i went down there the other week.

    ever been in a top ten? it’s pretty good. i’m pretty good.

    the straight shooter


  16. Guido says:

    Did anybody else notice that the ‘No Confidence’ screenshot has a PDF of the Building Act 2004 minimised?

    This is why nobody respects students anymore. When I voted No Confidence I had nothing open but the ballot and hardcore pornography.

  17. Rarah Sobson says:

    Who would have a PDF of the Building Act 2004 minimised? What purpose would that serve? I noticed that the person had their Gmail, Facebook and Twitter open. Someone’s got an addiction to social networking. I have a short attention span. Wow this comment is way more than 140 characters.

  18. fibby says:

    That would mean that most of the VUWSA elections and by-elections since 2004 have been constitutionally invalid. Ooh ooh, can we rerun *all* of them?!

  19. satoshi_mtvic14 says:

    i for one would like to congratulate jackson on ftping a bitmap onto the the salient servers.

    personally, i prefer ascii for its purity of format and ability to be posted to my hand-coded phpbb but i will on occasion create some of my hand-drawn manga fan art in the gimp and save in bitmap on my 500 tb hard-drive with a custom indexed colour palette and 25% dither.

    pixel by pixel.



                 LNNNa            .TNNNe              
               NNe      .!LLTLTTTTT!,,,INNE           
             NA   .,.  .!LTITTTTTIsssITL!,LNN         
           NE   ,.,,!!!LTTTLLLTTIstttstissL,!NN       
         iN   .....,!!..!LLTIIIIsstttttiiiisT,LNs     
        Ae  ..     .L!  !LTIsttttsttttttttiiisL,AS    
       Nt  ,.      .TIIIIIIIsttstststtttttttiiiI!eN   
      in.!L!,     ,LIIIsttsIIIssssssssssststttiis!al  
      N,LIT!.  .!TIIIIsstttttsssttttttttttssstttis!N, 
    a ,LLLTTIstitttttitttillelllllllllllllllllliittiIa
     a.STLTstttttsITiSSSnnnassilllllllllllllllllsL .NL
     N ,NNNNneiL.INAN.    TNNAAitlllliiitssITteNNNN E 
      tE     sENNAAi ,,L! Nn aEENNNNNNNNNNNnT      N  
       En        NNN i !!,nN eNNNNNEalI      .,.  N   
        eN   !IsI NNA   Ls  eNNN      .LItsTL,  ,N    
         !N,  !LIL tNNNNANNNNN, TlittssITL!,.  AN     
           NN   !TT,  !iaEaL  ,ssIIIITTL!,.  sN.      
             NN!   !LL!.   ,TssTTTTTL!,.   aNs        
               aNE     ,!LL!!!!!!,,.    iNN,          
                  nNNAs            ,eANEI             

  20. goku_karori_28 says:

    heh nice slow-poke ball. smirk.

    myself and the team from vegetafighter/forum are crafting some pretty hot 3D ascii graphics to put in our new forum header.

    guess i’ll css you later. smirk.

    the g_k_28 man

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