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July 20, 2009 | by  | in News | [ssba]

Eye on Exec

Last week was back to school for the executive without the fresh enthusiasm and sharpened pencils that I’m sure the rest of you were carrying. Morale was low, with half the attending Executive members being warned by President Jasmine Freemantle to “pull [their] socks up” this trimester.

Just that day, 75 students had turned out to Mount Street Bar to vote on the motions to roll Freemantle and/or Robert Latimer. Despite this, quorum was not reached and both Freemantle and Latimer have kept their positions.

Whether celebrating or sobbing with relief into his VUWSA hoody, Latimer was absent from the meeting. In his apology he cited “personal reasons”, though Freemantle suspected that he was in fact drinking at the bar. No work report was submitted by Latimer for the course of the break.

The meeting opened with a close examination of the submitted work reports. Exec members submit weekly reports of the work they have done in order to justify being paid with student money. There is a possibility that their pay will be withheld if they haven’t done the requisite ten hours work. 

Freemantle and Eng came down hard on Tim Wang for his inaction over the break, which was thinly disguised in his work report. Mariya Kupriyenko’s work report was met with a “hell no” and Oldham’s received similar sighs of disapproval from Freemantle. These three members recently submitted apologies to the executive for their slackness. The underlying issues were addressed at the close of the meeting.

Next up was a bonus Application from Campaigns Officer Sam Oldham for the work he has done in the first trimester. Executive members can apply for a bonus of up to $650 dollars, which is assessed and voted on by their fellow exec members. In a meeting in early July, Robert Latimer was granted a $50 bonus by fellow members. Despite this, Latimer rejected the $50 in favour of re-submitting his application, though this was never done.

After interrogating Oldham on his application, including his inaction in improving food on campus (one of the platforms he was voted in on), Freemantle declared the application to be “one shoddy document.” Oldham left the room as members decided to grant him no bonus at all, with both Eng and Freemantle stating that they couldn’t justify the expenditure to students. Oldham received the news with disappointment, arguing that “you can justify giving $50 to Robert Latimer but none to me?”

With Wang’s bonus application next in the firing line, a concerned Kupriyenko whispered “Tim, do you have something amazing?” to which he tellingly answered “No one will be amazed. I don’t care anyway.” After a short interrogation headed by Freemantle, his application also went down in flames.

Freya Eng then proposed a new Sexual Harassment Policy to the exec, which was originally drafted by Rachael Wright, Queer Officer 2007-2008. After testing the Policy with some hypothetical sexual harassment cases, the Exec made some amendments and approved the document to move ahead.

Though Seamus Brady said next to nothing, spending most of the two hour meeting on Facebook, he had his moment as the architect of the new VUWSA ‘Space Allocation’ map. Apparently the VUWSA offices will be moving around. The exec went into committee to talk about the shifts; Brady’s blueprints were passed around the table.

Finally the exec got to the nitty-gritty with a discussion about unexplained absences and lack of work. The criticism was directed at Oldham, Wang, Kupriyenko, and presumably Latimer. The attending members issued apologies, and some excuses which were not well received. Freemantle advised them that whatever the excuse, she, Eng and Brady “are picking up the pieces for others’ slack.” The stresses of being on the VUWSA Executive had even led to one member failing their academic courses.

Accepting that their lack of work had affected other members, Oldham, Wang and Kupriyenko promised to be better this trimester, though Kupriyenko possibly spoke for them all when she admitted that she had “lacked a sense of purpose for being [there].” The meeting ended on a threatening note with Freemantle warning that next time a member lets the executive down, a motion of no confidence will be brought against them. She added the reminder that being an exec member was “not some game, knitting in front of the fire,” in case anyone had got confused.


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  1. Alan young says:

    hey jessy can i still run for enviromental officer or is it too late
    Kind regards
    alan young

  2. goku_karori_28 says:

    you can run but you can’t hide from my ping requests, smirk.

  3. Jackson Wood says:

    Hey Alan,

    You can’t run. You missed out. The election is next week. Maybe next year.

  4. Freya says:

    It’s not that far away. The elections for the 2010 Executive will be around October.

  5. Cam says:

    cunting fuk m8. why u wnna run 4 tht sht? I just got meslf a fkn job at the billabong store. Jst an hnst man makn sum fukn coin.

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