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August 10, 2009 | by  | in News | [ssba]

Eye on Exec

With the results of the by-election confirmed [Or perhaps not. See page 9. JJW] and the resignation of Robert Latimer, last week’s Executive meeting saw many new faces thrown into the colourful world of VUWSA: Women’s Rights Officer Caitlin Dunham, Activities Officer Guy Williams, Environmental Officer Zachary Dorner, International Officer Luke Cao and Vice President Administration Max Hardy.

President Jasmine Freemantle opened the meeting with a pressing matter; correct format of Executive Reports. Previous work reports submitted probed no questions from the peanut gallery, except for “Who’s Seamus?” as the newbies had not been properly introduced to anyone.

Clubs Officer Mariya Kupriyenko’s work report was incorrectly formatted AND written in another font, breaking sacred VUWSA doctrine. Kupriyenko, who had a couple of lectures, couldn’t find a suitable computer and chose to submit the work report as is, being that it was a “top priority”.

President Jasmine Freemantle suggested planning a schedule and pointed out that the impending death threats due the heinous use of font and format would be directed at her, not Kupriyenko. Kupriyenko then bowed and apologised for sacrilegious use of such a font and would submit her new-and-improved work report the following day.

Sam Oldham’s report had spelt “Vic” incorrectly. After putting up a fight, explaining “no, that’s really how it is meant to be spelled!”  Sam conceded it was in fact a typo and heartedly apologised.

Freya Eng also noted that Education Officer Tim Wang’s work report detailed a large number of activities that were more ‘Welfare’ based and did not relate to his Education portfolio. The issue, deferred to next week, may be related to the fact the Welfare Officer was Robert Latimer… However, one can never be sure about these things.

After finally introducing the newbies to everyone else, President Freemantle moved on to discuss the accounts, which are sitting better than previously thought. As for legal expenses, these have been absorbed through decrease in other areas, in particular salaries. President Freemantle has been covering several staff portfolios for the past few months due to resignations. This has resulted in a considerable amount of savings.

At this point in the meeting, President Freemantle took the time to highlight that at the end of each year, exec members tend to get a little excited as extra funds can be seen sitting inconspicuously around VUWSA offices, quietly whispering, “Spend me… Spend meeeeeee!” President Freemantle explained that exec members should only spend money when necessary. This attitude did not extend to the $25,000 pimp-out of the VUWSA van in 2007. WIN!

Discussion then moved to the Aug/Sept NZUSA Conference to be held at Lincoln University. President Freemantle will attend as Chief Delegate and Victor Manawatu as Assistant Chief Delegate. Max Hardy will also be attending. Freya Eng has been asked to speak at the NZUSA Conference, but as budget did not allow her to go, NZUSA will be covering her flights for the day.

Le gasp! Free bread! Currently, no one is available to pick up said free nom-noms. Robert Latimer has offered to retrieve the bread (giggle) but President Freemantle was uncertain about this. Exec members then went around the table trying to find someone who isn’t not on their learners and owns a car.

President Freemantle then opened up about the resignation of Robert Latimer. Last Thursday Latimer put himself forward as President at the Can-Do AGM. President Freemantle advised against this, as it would be inappropriate to be an exec member as well as be President of Can-Do, rep group for students with disabilities. Robert Latimer resigned verbally then sent a formal resignation to Freemantle and a memo to fellow exec members on Tuesday, effective of 31 July.

Exec members discussed the potential of co-opting his position now or later, at the VUWSA elections. Freya Eng suggested that should someone be interested in co-opting they should at least want to continue to next year, otherwise co-opting now only to finish in 7 weeks would be a waste of resources. President Freemantle moved to put an official notice on the VUWSA board and liaise with others around campus.

The meeting closed on a brighter note; Pulp Culture Expo, 12–3 on 19 August. An epic nerd-alert, this expo is an ingenious way to expose and glorify g33k culture and includes comics, games and all things sci-fi. Kupriyenko appealed for other exec members to get on board and help with Pulp Expo Propaganda.

Exec members agreed to help, but only if The Doctor let them have a spin on the TARDIS. 


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