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September 7, 2009 | by  | in Online Only | [ssba]

¡El Saliento delayedo!

So it’s Monday, and I bet you’re wondering where your Salient is. Well, so are we.

Things are just a little CHAOTIC here right now… and by that I mean they’re not… but they will be if the truck bringing gifts of Salienty goodness is delayed much longer.

But rest assured you’ll (knock on wood) have your shiny issue of Gaylient by lunch time. We hope. We pray.


Salient made its way to Wellington, but due to some kind of comic mishap, it failed to make it from the depot to the truck. Kia ora, light load, kia ora.

We’re looking at an ETA of about midday. They said 1pm, but c’mon, Wellington’s not that big.


The motherlovin’ VUWSA van is booked all afternoon, so off campus deliveries will be made tomorrow. Sigh.

===UPDATE WIN 3.1===

JJW sez: Still not flipping here. Blowing steam out my ears and throwing stuff around the office.

===UPDATE Basilisk II===
Right. If you’re in Kelburn you should have access to teh Salient which are scattered around in their usual positions. If you’re at Pipitea, Karori, SOAD or town you will be able to pick it up from about 9:30ish. Sweet? JJW


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Kia ora, biography box, kia ora.

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  1. Miguel says:

    ¿Puedo aparcar mi caravana aqui?

  2. Juan says:

    ¿Donde es mi Saliento? ¡No soy feliz!

  3. Herndao Philpé says:

    Por favor, ¿puedo aparcar mi caravana hasta el ano?

  4. Pants Man says:

    ¿Donde estan mis pantalones?

  5. Miguel says:

    ¡Idioto! ¡EN TU ano! Si no puede hablar español, ¡NO HABLA ESPAÑOL!

  6. Herndao Philpé says:

    Me gustaría que toque mis pezones con fuerza.

  7. Jaun-Michel Olivero! says:

    Dassa spicy meatball. Ole!

  8. Jacksonéla Woodalio Hombre III says:

    ¡lamiendo escoria!

  9. Herndao Philpé says:

    Pants man: ¿Por qué mis pantalones siempre caen en momentos inoportunos?

  10. Miguel says:

    Te puedas lamer la escoria de mis pendejo, maricón.

  11. Phoenix says:

    ¡Hombre vivo, la gente entrega estúpido, no tenía sudoku en la genética de hoy!

    (Woo traductor de google, haha)

  12. Shirrleey says:

    Te gusta el queso?

  13. Miguel says:

    ¡Si! Me gusta queso mucho. Especialmente en los nachos, jajaja.

  14. David Brent says:

    Racial… so…

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