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September 22, 2009 | by  | in News Online Only | [ssba]

Fear and loathing on the campaign trail: VUWSA candidates forum 2009

Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association Presidential candidate Alan Young revealed today that he supports Voluntary Student Membership (VSM) of students’ associations.

Young, the self-proclaimed “people’s voice”, went on to say many of his supporters think VSM is a good idea and consideration should be given to it.

Max Hardy, who is also running for president, said he would fight against VSM but acknowledged that if his views ran contrary to the majority he will go with what the students wanted.

Young is running for President, Vice President (Education) and Activities officer. It is convention that if elected to multiple positions the candidate will assume the highest ranking position. A by-election is then held to replace vacant positions.

For full story please check out next week’s edition of Salient. For more information on the candidates please see this week’s Election Guide pull-out in Salient.

Off the cuff: What the candidates said about themselves

Fraser Pearce on why he should be council rep: “Cheaper drinks, pimping out the van—YOU!” He then compared himself to Sarah Palin.

James Sleep gave a coherent and well thought-out talk about why he should be education officer, saying “student voices need to be heard in the appropriate way.”

Alan Young on being activities officer: “Guy Williams was the one who got me into politics… I want to continue his legacy.” Williams was on the VUWSA exec for less than two months before the election result was invalidated.

Bridie Hood promised she wouldn’t throw produce at anyone and urged the need for “awareness and promotion” about the association.

Fraser Pearce once again got up to tell us why we should vote for him to be Clubs Officer. He said he wanted to give more money to hostels.

Former Women’s Rights officer Caitlin Dunham was greeted with a rousing applause from the audience. Caitlin outlined her achievements in the past two months. Probably the most qualified and passionate person to speak thus far.

Craig Carey, who is running for Welfare Officer, wanted to be part of making VUWSA “respectable and competent”.

Zach Dorner believes that by harnessing his powers of cool he can beat no confidence, saying “I rock the block everytime.” He also emphasised that he was committed to the long haul, saying “commitment is part of who I am. I’m single as well.” He also claimed no confidence is “crap”. No Confidence could not be reached for comment at the time of posting.

Long time VUWSA execer Seamus Brady listed his achievements and rightly said: “vote for me to keep the good work going.”

Sam Mason, Kieran O’Connor, Alice Pan, Conrad Reyners and William Wu did not show up to the forum.

Queer Representative, VP Administration and publications committee representative did not recieve nominations. A by-election will be held for these positions early next year.

EDIT: Hardy pointed out that I had misquoted him slightly. This has now been fixed?


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  1. Stephen Whittington says:

    Did Max Hardy explain why the rights of individuals should be dependent on the whim of the majority?

  2. Nehpets Notgnittihw says:


  3. jonno says:

    Did Alan Young explain how his individual voice is the peoples’ voice? Who gave him that right?

  4. bananarama says:

    ooogady boogady!

  5. Jackson Wood says:

    Updated with some more information about the other candidates.

  6. bananarama says:

    are these people insane?

  7. Jackson Wood says:

    That is for the voters to decide.

  8. totez says:

    so in short, who should we vote for? the one that looks like the hobbit from lord of the rings? I refuse to vote for guy williams, (tall guy with glasses right?) looking at him simply infuriates me.

  9. Alan 4 lyfe says:

    No confidence in every instance and alan young in every other!!!!!

  10. Sarah Bedingfield says:

    Alan was such a noob! Hillarious. VOTE MAX otherwise VUWSA will just be even more crap next year.

  11. totez says:

    Screw it, I’m gonna vote on the basis of whether id do them or not… That means… Sam mason, Zachary Dorner and craig carey (the hobbit one)
    Ps i dont get the no confidence thing… seriously.. Im apalled people like myself are allowed to vote.

  12. peteremcc says:

    “Max Hardy, who is also running for president, said he would fight against VSM but acknowledged that if his views ran contrary to the majority he will “represent the students”.”

    The point of VSM is that 49% of students aren’t forced to do what the other 51% want.

  13. totez says:

    I have a feeling Max Hardy would fail to do this job and do it well…. Does nobody remember how he psyched about an article written in salient last week?

  14. Guy Williams says:

    I am honored to hear Allen will continue my legacy as activities officer.

  15. shinigami says:

    I have it on good authority that Conrad Reyners was double booked – he was at an all day Model United Nations event.

  16. Clayton says:

    Hence the “did not show up to the forum” bit. Good choice though on his part going to a make believe UN thing rather than addressing a forum on why he should get paid to sit on the highest University body representing students.

  17. The truth says:

    Is that good authority the fact that you are Conrad? And yeah, good priorities – going to the “lets pretend to be a diplomat” camp, instead of showing your face to the students you want to represent on the highest governance board of the University.

  18. student says:

    I think its shows his commitment to student life actually, and not shirking on his commitments.

    Plus that conference was organised weeks in advance of a candidates forum that probably less than 20 people turned up to.

  19. a voting student says:

    I agree with ‘student’. It’s not like he missed the forum to throw eggs at people. He was genuinely double-booked, and for an important event. The Model UN is a student-run event with the purpose of fostering diplomatic communication and bargaining, which is what the role of a uni council rep is suppose to be(apparently he won best delegate – pretty good recommendation really).

  20. ET says:

    Conrad was probably involved with more students at the UN forum than he would have been had he been able to make the forum.

    It also suggests he has broad and intellectual interests which is more than can be said for 99% of the candidates running for ANY position this year.

  21. Guy Williams says:

    Put your name on your comment people… what are you afraid of?
    Thats what I like about Peter Mcc, even if you don’t believe in his politics at least you know who he is.

  22. not my name says:

    My guess is that Conrad is ‘student’, ‘voting student’ and ‘ET’. but credit to him for his wily tricksy skills.

  23. totez says:

    Fuck you and your comments Guy Williams. No one gives two shits.
    Ok we get the point. Conrad had good reason not to be there.
    Don’t not vote for him because of that.
    Ps Kudos to Max Hardy for all the hard work campaigning today. Sorry dude. I still will not vote for you.

  24. 4Conrad says:

    I want a man who can invent four pseudonyms and use them to defend himself against Salient trolls representing me – imagine what he could do for students….

  25. a voting student says:

    Nope, I’m not Conrad, but that’s besides the point.

  26. secret admirer says:

    Vote for Conrad! He’s the best.

  27. goku_karori_28 says:

    heh, nice try, gama_kuns, but you’ll never beat the 1337 cheat faker undertaker maker

    i.e. me

    the shapeshifter


  28. totez says:

    Oh yeh cos we totally know what the fuck you’re on about goku_karori. Save it for the letters section FUCK.

  29. totez says:

    *rages on the internet*
    *punches wall*
    *is 140kg*

  30. nom nom says:

    he’s a babe. nice ass. tight too. like caitlin said.

  31. Steve says:

    Peter McCaffrey is a pseudonym for Milkshakes McCaffrey

  32. vegiewegie says:

    having sat next to alan in a lecture once before, there is no way in hell that I will ever vote for him. I like the where the wild things are posters round campus. i just hope that max doesn’t compromise what he obviously has been conditioned to believe, mandatory union membership, in some sort of vote buying exercise. lots of students may well vote for vsm, it still doesn;’t make it right. the only reason so many of us students want vsm is because of how uncapable joel was. maybe the mandatory membership people could extract a promise that joel will never run for office ever again? that would be a vote winner! why can’t jasmine just stay? if not, at least someone with at least as large balls.

  33. Abbie's Ghost says:

    I think the fact that Conrad was at the model UN 9or whatever it is called these days) probably demonstrates his skill at working with people who disagree with him.

    No egg thrower is he. Probably a good choice for the University Council

    PS: I hear that the egg throwers got kicked off the campus for two years.

  34. Caitlin says:

    nom nom: Have you felt it? You need to ask permission but if he lets you, it’s worth it. It’s a tush. Perfect.

    Abbie’s Ghost: Unless something happened last night, it was only Joel and Heleyni, but Alastair was disenrolled. Granted, he did throw ripe fruit at Jasmine.

  35. A voted student says:

    I voted for Max Seamus and Conrad, Go for it Young Labour lol

  36. nom nom says:

    Caitlin – I have felt it. Self indulgent two handed feel up. He loved it. I loved it. It was PERFECT.

  37. Saladin says:

    I voted for Sleep on the basis of his snazzy slogan and impressive coverage of all surfaces on campus. Likewise for the King of the Wild Things. If I could vote against Young for his shitty posters I would. It’s all about style, guys.

  38. Harry Jones, From the Cotton Building says:

    Conrad’s ass isn’t that great. I should know im infatuated with him.

  39. a voice says:

    Go Conrad, Fuck you Harry Jones, From the Cotton Building

  40. Sean Connors says:

    Needs more Sean Connors.

  41. choices... says:

    VP (Education) is a tough choice. Do I vote for the self-important tosser (of produce) Sam, or the seemingly incompotent Alan? Which is the lesser of two evils? Does it really even matter?

  42. decisons... says:

    Alan has said he doesnt want EVP, and if he wins both EVP and Activities, he will take the latter. He is the biggest drop kick I have ever seen. Despite Sam stupidity I would vote of him over a douche like Alan.

  43. Freya Eng says:

    If my opinion matters at all, I would endorse Sam over Alan. Alan knows absolutely nothing about VUWSA, let alone the portfolio of Education, and when asked at the Candidates’ Forum why he was running for EVP, replied: “Why not?”. Not good enough in my books.

    At least Sam has some experience. People grow into roles.

  44. Alan Young says:

    hey Alan Young here thanks to everyone for their support I will Voice your opinions and find the solutions for you. I thank those who I met at the meeting we had a sweet time and thanks for filling me in on some of the questions I had for You. Im indeed new and am here to learn whilst also getting the students what they want as thats what matters most

  45. Jemima says:

    Do you constantly smoke crack, Alan?

  46. Freya says:

    I can’t believe that someone who is barely literate is running for President. That is the most outstanding run-on sentence I have seen in quite some time. Should he be elected, jove forbid, how is Alan going to write media releases? Memos? President’s Columns?

    Indeed I support everyone’s democratic right to run in a VUWSA election, but boy, I’m worried when clowns like Alan Young come along and attempt to make a mockery of the office of President. It’s not a joke, it’s not something you run for ‘just for the hell of it’. Unbelievable.

  47. Matthew_Cunningham says:

    Whilst I agree that Alan is woefully ill-suited to run for (let alone hold) the VUWSA Presidency, I do not feel it is appropriate for you to publicly take this position. As an elected VUWSA official and coworker of one of the Presdential candidates your words could be misconstrued as institutionalised favouritism. The same applies to Jasmine unofficially endorsing a successor.

    That’s not meant as a personal dig at either of you, by the way – I think you have both done an awesome job this year – more just an observation.

    Cheers, Matt.

  48. Your name says:

    Isn’t him being barely literate a good reflection that VUWSA should be working harder with the university to make people literate

  49. Hank Scorpio says:

    do what’s write vote scorpio/smackdown in ’09

  50. Megan says:

    i voted for guy williams before i knew he was pulling out, can i re do my vote so that clown alan doesnt get in?

  51. Guy Williams says:

    I’m sorry for all the confusion surrounding my candidacy, I got the news that there’s a place for me overseas next year, the friday before the election started. I tried to pull out as quickly as possible but they decided they had to keep my name on the ballot for “constitutional reasons”… I’ve tried everything (aka 1 facebook status) to discourage people from voting for me. (I wish salient would mention it.)

  52. Dazzle says:

    I’ll admit that as a candidate i didn’t take the election seriously, and if i don’t get my positions that i applied for, shame on me for being stupid. If elected (which is a freaking big if), i will do my best. However, if Alan gets in, I’m going to vomit in my pants. And potentially resign in the first 2 weeks if he is an incompetent.

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