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September 21, 2009 | by  | in News Online Only | [ssba]

Fees going up 5%, Student Services Levy to almost double

J&J Vote ‘Nay’

Victoria University has agreed to increase fees by 5% and almost double its Student Services Levy for the 2010 academic year.

The decision was made during a heated and difficult meeting of the University Council on Monday afternoon.

Government funded honours and postgraduate fees will also increase by $500.

Victoria’s Student Services Levy will also increase to $510 for domestic students and $326 for distance students, regardless of whether they are part or fulltime. Students this year paid four different levies for a commutative total of $275.60.

In addition, Victoria University will be introducing a late application fee. All applications to study after 10 February, and 25 June will be charged $120. First year International students will be exempt.

University Chancellor, Emeritus Professor Tim Beaglehole, said that although the Council increased the fees with great reluctance, the changes were necessary.

“The decision for a fees increase is made with reluctance, but we need to ensure that Victoria is a successful University for both current and future students,” he said.

Professor Beaglehole noted the Student Services Levy increase would allow Victoria to continue offer students a wide range of support services.

“It is essential that we continue to provide students support services that assist them to complete their studies, to deal with health and financial issues, to help provide accommodation and to assist with the transition from study to their careers.”

Student University Council Representative and NZUSA Co-President Jordon King voiced his unhappiness with the levy rise during the meeting.

“You’re absolutely doubling it in one year. It’s unfair,” King said during the meeting.

Both King and VUWSA President Jasmine Freemantle voted against the fee and levy increase, but only King voted against the Late Application Fee.

The tough economic climate has meant a number of universities have had to increase their services levy in addition to fees.

Canterbury University voted this month to increase its services levy from $80 to $600 for 2010. Massey University also announced its services levy will reach $200, almost double that of last year, and Waikato University announced a 40% increase on its $100 levy.

For more on the protest that took place during part of the meeting, click here.

What you paid this year if you’re a full time Internal Student:

$150.00 Student Services Levy
$81.60 Amenities Levy
$20.00 Technology Fee
$24.00 Student Assistance (Hardship) Levy

Grand total = $275.60

What you’ll pay next year regardless of whether you’re a full or part time student:

$510.00 Student Services Levy (we’ll call this the big daddy levy).


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  1. According to my calculations if the Student Services levy is increasing from $150 to $510, that is alot more than just doubling?

  2. Ben Moore says:

    $150 + 81.60 + $20 = $215.60

  3. Ben Moore says:

    $150 + 81.60 + $20 = $251.60

  4. Rick says:

    Yeah, those services are all being lumped into one.

  5. Sarah Bedingfield says:

    Well $251 increased to $510 is also more than double- where is the 93% figure come from?.

  6. Sarah—apologies for the inelegant phrasing, but yes, where there were several levies there’s now only one.

  7. Agh, and again, apologies. I neglected to include the $24.00 Student Assitance (Hardship) Levy. MJO fail.

    So this year, if you were a full time Internal Student, you would have paid:

    $150.00 Student Services Levy
    $81.60 Amenities Levy
    $20.00 Technology Fee
    $24.00 Student Assistance (Hardship) Levy

    Grand total = $275.60

    Next year, you’re gonna fork out $510 regardless of whether you’re full or part time.

  8. Hoolian says:

    I think the bigger atrocity is that you have to pay a compulsory levy to VUWSA even if you don’t use their services. Now that’s a crime!

  9. Phoenix says:

    Is this Big Daddy in addition to or inclusive of our VUWSA levy?

  10. Michael Oliver says:

    In addition to, Phoenix.

  11. peteremcc says:

    Sarah, 93% is an almost 100% increase, which is almost doubling.

  12. Phoenix says:

    Ouchy …

  13. Liza says:

    This is just absolutely brutal especially the Student Services levy increase. Yes I know enrolments are rising and exceeding the government-funding cap as people lose their jobs or are leaving school with no prospect of employment, but it will hit low-income students hardest. “Need to ensure that Victoria is a successful university” is pure corporate-speak and explains absolutely nothing. We deserve, at least, a full and fair answer, preferably with accounts.Student Services are certainly underfunded and not good but I very much doubt the fees increase will trickle down to them. Academic funding and student services are always the first to suffer from cutbacks and fee increases even though they are the substance of a “successful university.” Witness the cutbacks in tutorials for first-year courses, which had its own trickle-down effect as grad students were unable to get jobs on campus.Or anywhere else. Just how much of the university’s funds are currently allocated to building the “Campushub” or Pat Walsh Memorial? $58 million! $12 million to come from the student union! An empty shopping mall does not a successful university make. This is not a time for fee-increases or expensive building projects. I guess having started the bloody thing though, they have to finish it. Or do they?

  14. Alan Young says:

    This is so wrong such a huge increase affects the students who are the most vulnerable to the economic conditions. more consultation is needed and clearly more common sense increases are invevitable due to inflation but nearly double is disturbing

  15. Nic says:

    As a part time student who wants to do one paper for one semester, this levy is mind boggling. Also I’m doing the paper with the NZSM at the MT Cook campus and will never even go to the main VUW site!

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