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Where: San Francisco Bathhouse
When: Friday 11 September
Good? Oh yeah…

If you’ve never heard them before, Odessa play garagefunk, with the funk of the Chillis and the jammy blues of Zep; they’re original, catchy and necessary in today’s CG music world. Hot, tight riffs, punky-funk guitar jabs, creamy-smooth bass lines with a bit of Claypool/Flea style slapping, some kicking beats and massive vox which make for a wicked jam. Get onto their website for a listen, read the bio, grab an album.

They’re a real talented bunch of fellas, and I was nothing but impressed with their performance.

Opening track ‘Sugar Pop’ was stuck in my head for a few days afterwards. These guys know how to write cool, catchy jams, and groove on them to keep it interesting.

Hails to Mark the soundman for keeping it not too loud, not too quiet. I was rocked, but my ears weren’t hurting in the morning. Also to band manager Ash for his contributions.

The rhythm section were tight as a vice, with Paul slappin’ n poppin’ n cruisin’ all over the neck of his bass, and drummer ‘Puba’ keeping the monks funky with his up-tempo grooves, Armitage’s guitar chops could fire through the air like the flick of the slick.

The vocalist, Pender, had the time of his life as he gyrated, danced, literally swam around the stage, and women melted into puddles of make-up and blushes. He’s one of the most dynamic vocalists I’ve seen in New Zealand music, he can sing, shout, scream, coo softly, yell and wail with the best. This guy is good with his voice.

I don’t want to over dissect it, so here it is: they love playing it, and you’ll love hearing it. Smiles on stage, and all through the crowd were had. Good, happy, healthy music for all—bring your friends!

The final Odessa show is 24 October at Bar Bodega. If you’re funky, be there!


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  1. MBS says:

    erm… are you serious?

  2. Matthew_Cunningham says:

    I agree – Odessa are awesome!

  3. Kelvin says:

    was this written by a member of the band or maybe a girlfriend/boyfriend of the band??

    this is a joke right? dear guy armstrong, please never write about music again. your making james beavis look objective


  4. MattF says:

    I may be a bit out of the loop here, but didn’t Matt Armitage leave the band some years ago? Or was it a guest appearance this time or something? I seem to remember them being much better when he was playing for them anyway…

  5. Guy says:

    Kelvin you have a point.
    It reads like I am a cocaine crazed groupie doing all the bands coke in the back of the limo. I got carried away and forgot to be impartial and objective. Your comment is duly noted.
    Looks like I am kissing butt not a good trait for anyone so shot for criticisms. Some things are just not my fort, ay.
    On the other hand they were fucking good… Anyway watch out for my drugs article next week, it is of the penultimate literary standard I’m sure it will be your cup of tea with LSD in it I guarantee your enjoyment

    The article about nasal hair I have written for this weeks issue is also great of course naturally

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