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October 12, 2009 | by  | in News | [ssba]

Photography student expelled for “indecent exposure”

Second-year Digital Photographics student Raymond James was last week suspended from his photography course, DSDN244, for failing to meet the course requirements.

After an unsuccessful attempt to get a failed assignment re-marked, James protested in the nude in front of his lecture theatre and was subsequently removed from campus and arrested.

Salient was contacted by James shortly after his release. He said he was dismayed about his low grade, saying it had a negative effect on his other work, and he was unable to focus properly.

“It’s not like I didn’t hand in the assignment—which is what people are usually failed for—I did everything the assignment required. And they don’t like my choice of using a low exposure, calling it ‘indecent’. […] I thought, I’ll give them indecent exposure.”

Digital Photographics lecturer Dr Francis Livingston stood by his decision. “From my perspective, if a student doesn’t complete an assignment to a satisfactory standard, then they won’t receive a high grade,” he said.

“Letting these people through doesn’t paint a pretty picture of our school, especially in the current economic climate—we need to stay sharp. We need to develop better photographers.”

James’ classmates expressed sympathy towards him, but condemned his reaction, calling it “a bit extreme.”

“He should have known better,” said a classmate who asked to remain anonymous. “I saw his assignment in its final stages, and yeah, it was obviously pretty shit. Then—I just didn’t see it coming—he just zooms in to the lecture theatre and just flashes everybody.”

Another one of James’ classmates, Quyen Song, simply remarked “I so horrified.”

However, James was optimistic about his future in photography. “It’s all a bit unfortunate and depressing, but still—life goes on.”

James’ failed Digital Photographics assignment can be seen at


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  1. Mikey says:

    “Your nuts” or “you’re nuts”? A good lesson in the apostrophe.

  2. Renee Lyons says:

    Bad grammar is to common

  3. Renee Lyons says:

    I said its to common

  4. smackdown says:

    hello my name is smackdown

  5. Your Name says:

    hilarious, great story

  6. jonno says:

    ‘I said its to common’

    hahaha… it seems so.

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