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Meet the VUWSA exec

Executive column

Salient asks your VUWSA exec all the hard questions.

1. What do you want to achieve this year with VUWSA?

2. Best piece of advice for first years?

3. Which piece of technology did you think would be readily available by 2010?

4. If a celebrity were to play you in a movie, who would it be?

5. Best place in Wellington to eat on the cheap?

Max Hardy, President

1. VUWSA should do its bit in ensuring an outstanding student experience at Victoria. I want to rebuild our reputation and make VUWSA a students’ association that students are proud to be members of. I want VUWSA to deliver our broad range of services to a consistently exceptional standard and with a high degree of financial efficiency. I want to see students represented articulately and honestly across the university. VUWSA’s representative structures need to be improved and I want to see us do a better job explaining to students what we do and developing mechanisms for gaining their consent and opinion on important issues.

2. University is not just about degrees; make sure you take the most out of your time as a student and participate actively in the university community. You have rights—if you think something is unfair then say so and VUWSA can help you out.

3. Decent food on Campus. Working on it.

4. Robert Pattinson OR Leonardo di Caprio, circa Basketball Diaries.

5. Sweet Mothers Kitchen.

Seamus Brady, Vice President (Welfare)

1. Increased visibility and promotion of VUWSA and our services on all campuses. VUWSA does a huge amount for students but historically our communication of that has left a lot to be desired.

2. Join as many clubs as possible and go to Orientation events. You’ll meet new people and experience the best Wellington has to offer.

3. Teleporters.

4. Michael Cera but dubbed with the voice of James Earl Jones.

5. Fidel’s $20 pizza and two Heinekens deal. Or if you dare, Oriental Kingdom.

Caitlin Dunham, Women’s Rights Officer

1. A bigger, better functioning Women’s Group. You should all join.

2. Look for a button before trying to push a door open. And don’t bother turning up to class early, you don’t get brownie points for it.

3. Flying cars. Seriously.

4. I’d like it to be Kate Winslet, but it’d probably be Alan Alda in a wig.

5. Satay Kingdom. Fo’ life.

Bridie Hood, Acting Vice-President (Education), Campaigns Officer

1. The biggest thing for me is student engagement. Getting out there and telling students about VUWSA and getting more students involved with our services and events. Within my portfolio I would love for the Education Action Group to become more active this year!

2. You don’t have to walk all the way up Mount Street! There is a lift in the Student Union Building you can use! Saved my life in first year!

3. Teleporters. Man that would be sweet.

4. Penelope Cruz—obviously

5. Midnight Espresso is really well priced. Vego and vegan friendly too!

Craig Carey, Welfare Officer

1. Ditch the bad image that previous execs have had.

2. University is just as much about what you do outside of studying. Get involved in student life. Join clubs and talk to people. Make the most of your time here, you will never have this opportunity again.

3. Cellphone and TV networks that get decent reception in Aro Valley.

4. Caitlin tells me Robert Pattinson, but it’s probably more like Cate Blanchett in drag with a serious look.

5. Yeung Shing Restaurant, upper Willis Street.

James Sleep, Education Officer

1. Along with the student body I want us to achieve some major wins, such as stopping any exorbitant fee and levy increase, and making sure the university listens to students. But the biggest thing I want to achieve alongside students is the retention of universal student membership to ensure our student services (like O-Week, welfare support and Student Job Search) along with student representation are not lost.

2. Chill. Don’t stress. Appreciate student media and student services while they are around. Remember you’re one of hundreds of thousands of students trying to get educated. Oh, and don’t be afraid to skip a lecture every now and then.

3. That remote device which allows me to pause, fast forward and rewind lectures.

4. Anyone so long as it’s not John Key.

5. Oriental Kingdom FTW.

Alan Young, Activities Officer

1. To provide students with fulfilling activities, so please if any students have any suggestions or would like information please contact me so I can meet your needs.

2. Get to know your way around Wellington, and especially around campus, as it makes life much easier for you. A great way to do this is through the Campus Coaches programme, which introduces students to the university with useful tips and fun activities.

3. Amphibious vehicles, but they are not readily available as of yet.

4. Jim Parsons (Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory), he does his role so well he’d have no trouble playing me.

5. I prefer to cook myself as that is the most cost effective way, using the VUWSA cookbook and of course the wonderful Edmonds cookbook. Though A-Roy Thai express on Cuba has always been a favourite.

Kurt Sharpe, Acting Queer Officer

1. I want to ensure that queer identifying students starting university this year have the same awesome time that I had when I left the stereotypical provincial backwaters and came to Vic. I will be making sure that the support, services and social times are in supply. In particular I want to see the expansion of the Queer Mentoring Programme, which I think is an invaluable service for new students.

2. Just because you can go out and drink every night, doesn’t mean you should. But by all means enjoy Wellington, the most beautiful city in the country.

3. Hologram Phones.

4. Adrien Brody.

5. Aaina, Indian Cuisine, 255 Cuba Street.

Fraser Pearce, Clubs Officer

1. I want to make VUWSA seen as not only servicing our needs, but also servicing our wants. By this I mean making VUWSA fun with the awesome partner in crime: Alan Young. We want to have heaps of inter-club events and events open for students’ participation and entertainment.

2. If you’re pulling all-nighters, eat Mi-Goreng or Trident noodles with a strong English or Irish Breakfast tea.

3. Free escalators on the Dixon Street steps.

4. One of the Hanson Brothers.

5. Either Abrakebabra on Manners for decent coffee/hot chocolate, Strawberry Fair for morganisms.

Alice Pan, International Officer

1. Good question. Same as what I said in the student diary: when a person leaves his or her country and comes to a new place, he or she will face a lot of problems and feel homesick and lonely. I will try my best to help them and I hope I can help them feel they are part of this big family which is called Victoria Uni, they are not alone.

2. Be brave to ask for help, all staff and students in this university are friendly, they are all happy to help you when you need it.

3. I thought mobile trading would be readily available by 2010. Jack Dorsey is going to make the iPod become a credit card reader. More trade can be done using phones. It will be so convenient to people’s lives.

4. Hmm… I’m not sure. I read books more than I watch movies. Maybe I will choose Avril Lavigne. I think she is smart and I love her voice so much. I love singing, but I’m not good at it. I used to want to be a singer, but sadly, I am bad at singing.

5. I don’t know whether you guys know about Baozi or not. It is made of meat and flour. There is a Chinese restaurant called Qingdao. It sells very delicious Baozi. I remember the price last time I bought Baozi was $1.50 for two small Baozi. Qingdao is located in Newtown, near the Wellington hospital.

Zach Dorner, Environmental Officer

1. Do my best to ensure my fellow students (you guys) realise that we can have better lives while being kinder to our future babies. An abstract task, I know, but I’m an abstract person. Oh, and act as a strong student representative for student issues and stuff.

2. Have a beer. Just one. And then join one of the great green clubs at Vic. Your life will be so much more fulfilling, meaning you will deserve another beer. So then you can have two beers.

3. Massive Zeppelins (aka blimps) floating around the skies, making air travel so much more sustainable and comfortable (with the possibility of cool stuff like floating libraries).

4. I’d like to say Jude Law, but I fear Rowan Atkinson may end up beating him in the audition.

5. My house. Failing that, any number of dumpsters containing still perfectly good food. Failing that, a community garden such as those belonging to Kai o te Aro in Aro Valley. Failing that, the Lebanese place on Kent Terrace just off Courtenay Place.


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