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March 1, 2010 | by  | in Opinion | [ssba]

That’s so gay

That's so gay

Ooooo, a fortnightly column, how excitement! Most of the time this column could be named Stephen gets a bit wanky, but other people are going to write stuff too, lucky for you guys. This column is organised by UniQ and that’s what I’m going to wank on about now.

UniQ is a representative group for queer students here at Vic. That is to say, we’re here to support all those people who might identify as queer or something similar, and I want to make clear, I use queer as a wide, all-encompassing term for GLBT-WXYZ or anyone who feels a little bit different from the norm, usually in regards to their sexual or gender identity.

“Oh yeah, cool Stephen, that sounds like a nice idea but I just wanna be me, I don’t need a group just because I like XXXXXX kind of people.”

Yeah, cool, totally valid point, but sometimes, even in this day and age, we don’t really get the chance to just be ourselves due to laws or other people’s behaviour/opinions/bigotedness.

That’s where us cool dudes at UniQ, and VUWSA’s Queer Officer, come in. If you’re new to this city, coming to UniQ is a great way to meet mega-babes or like-minded, [not-so] intellectual friends. It certainly helps to expand social circles and to be honest with you, I only have good-looking friends. I don’t mean this in a shallow, up myself kind of way, it’s just the luck of the draw.

Just as important as making fantastic queerbo friends are some of the crazy political issues that may arise this year. We’ve got an Adoption Amendment Bill in the ballot box waiting to be drawn out, and this will be HEAPS important. Mostly for when you’re older and mature enough to handle a child, but still pretty gosh darn fantastic.

While not an expert on this, there’s also a lot more trans issues coming to light, and it is über important to make sure everyone gets the rights and respect they deserve. AND on a much closer level there’s the fact that people have come to this city and university from all kinds of places, and there will possibly be a lot of disgusting queerphobes who don’t like you holding hands with someone. I and many of my friends are totes into fighting this away and bringing a bit of understanding from those poor, misunderstanding people from places like Browns (I will take you on a coffee date, my shout, if you know this place, especially if you are from around there).

I think that’s all I got to say for now, but don’t y’all forget about the UniQ IGM on Wednesday 10 March at 5pm in Meeting Room 1 of the Student Union Building. Can’t wait to meet all you beautiful people.

Want to contribute to That’s So Gay? Have something to say? Just want to get involved? Email for more details!


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