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May 31, 2010 | by  | in News | [ssba]

Eye on Exec

Last week I walked in to the exec meeting to discover a surprise prepared for me by Max Hardy. Throwing aside my journalistic integrity I delightfully accepted my very own media table! It had a sign and everything, and took the president approximately five minutes to write and print, thus fulfilling 40 per cent of his KPI.

The meeting was in a new room this week. With the Student Union upgrades actually starting to move along, the Student Union has shifted to their new home over at 6 Wai-te-ata Road.

Like circling vultures, it only took the exec a couple of days before claiming squatters rights and moving their meetings upstairs.

The table in the new room is weird. It has this whole sticky out bit. It looks kinda like that space program thing where the captain sits on that chair thing with the pointy-eared guy lurking behind him. Spock? Something like that.

Yup. Sooooo. What else happened… ummm… they talked about the work reports? Did they? I honestly can’t remember, and I blame Jasmine Freemantle entirely for it. I’m sorry, what year is this again? I really don’t know.

Fraser was once again singled out as needing to sort out what on Earth he actually does in his role. Oh and they talked about the financial accounts. You know, your money, and everything. Look, I can’t tell how to care about how they spend your money, (by the way, there is $1.5 million sitting in their cheque account), and I’m not here to hold your hand and tell you to care.

But it has taken them over six months to implement a financial plan. Might explain why some of Salient’s invoices weren’t paid on time. More on this next semester in Salient’s award-winning A4 photocopied fun-time newsletter, with Rarah “So… am I getting paid this week? Oh, food stamps? Hey cool, thanks” Sobson.

Ummm what else. God, I have no idea. I wish I could elaborate more on this, but guess what, friends, there’s literally nothing else to say. Though Salient can confirm that, yes, Alan Young knows what an executive bonus is. Christ no longer weeps, and we’re glad.

There are a few things you can care about:

Warm My Flat

Two flats will win a professional energy audit. You should enter to find out where your warmth is escaping. Your toes could be saved.

Stress-Free Study Week

To help you get through your exams, VUWSA will be giving out breakfast, midnight feasts (only at Te Aro though, you miss out Kelburn) and neck rubs from June 7-11.
I have been reassured that the VUWSA exec will not be the ones doing the rubbing.

Student Union moving

Well, you can now go to VUWSA for lost property and club booking forms. And soon VUWSA will be where the Student Union was. Soooo really this isn’t a big deal. But now you know.


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  1. Clement McBigglewaddle says:

    It would be really nice to actually read about what they discussed (considering that 1.5mil in their accounts).

    No, you’re not here to hold my hand and tell me to care, but for those of us who do care, maybe some actual pieces of information further than the tradition of this column discussing the décor and blitheringness of the Exec meetings might be good. I’m pretty sure most of them aren’t half bad this year.

    Or just put it in the week that wasn’t, rather than the ‘news’ section.

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