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FM, BM Nius

Profile on Rueben Radford

Iwi: Ngāi (Kai) Tahu

First year studying Bachelor of Design Innovation with minors in Marketing and Psychology. Previously completed the Tohu Māoritanga/Diploma in Māori Studies here at Vic.

Where are you from?
Vegas a.k.a. Rotorua

What do you want to use your degree for/What do you wanna be when you grow up?
Anna Wintour. I want to be Anna Wintour. Currently I’m up in the air. I have a personal plan of where I want to be by the age of 25, and that includes having completed this degree, maybe up to fourth or fifth year, and then going on to do fashion design at Massey.

Have they finished those renovations yet?
Outside of the building? Haha nah they are still there. Walked past [the other day] and it looks like a playground is going in. You’re probably like ‘hmmm a playground, wtf do you guys need one of those for?’ I share the same thoughts as you do!

Why do you think the Te Aro Campus building is an award-winning one for its design?
It is? Maybe for its layout and stuff (people would kill me for using the word stuff!). It isn’t the most visually ‘cool’ building, but the way it is designed has the users (us and the staff) in mind. You can’t really get lost in the building (even though I wish you could some days), so it’s a bit disappointing when you want to have that secret pash in the back stairwell (that’s just a joke—don’t think I really do that, I have high standards).

Do you agree?
Agree that it should be award winning? Yes, it’s just a good building that has the users’ needs in mind and caters to all who use it! Also it’s always warm—I think that might be the heaters, but still, I have been to lectures up Kelburn where my hands turn white and purple from the cold theatres.

Where’s your favourite place on Te Aro campus and why?
Um I don’t really have one. I don’t hang out with many people, only a couple friends and we pretty much spend our time being try-hard computer geeks in one of the labs

Best place to get a feed?
Well there isn’t any place at the campus (cause vending machine food isn’t real food in my books) but the best place is probably Midnight Espresso and then Olive—great coffee, great food (even for those who are gluten free, vegan and all that crap).

Best thing about being a design student?
Shouldn’t really say this, but we pretty much spend our time drawing. It’s like primary school all over again, and in my books if I’m going to be getting a degree out of drawing then that’s fine by me. We do more than that of course, but it’s more interactive. No readings in first year, I mean you could if you choose to, just to make sure your research behind your projects is awesome, but it’s up to the student.

Is your library as confusing as Kelburn’s?
Hell no. There are like 15 stacks of books and that’s it. So if you can’t find a book then it’s all good to walk up every isle—that’s what I do pretending I know what I’m doing.

What is the place like for Māori?
It’s okay, I mean you could play spot the darky but it would be a long game, I think there are maybe more Polys than there are Māori. But we’re all cousins, and there are things like Awhina that are there to help, even though I haven’t returned my forms. But for me it’s weird not having that whakawhanaungatanga like when you do a Māori paper at Vic.

FYI: The Ngai Tauira representatives for the Faculty Board of Architecture & Design are Ani Rachael McGarvey and Jenna-Faith Allan.

Short of MONEY? Next week we’ll have info on some scholarships that are coming up. Keep an eye out!


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