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FM, BM Nius

Geo Challenge

Had enough of university? Can’t be bothered to finish that last minute assignment on time? Want to check out other countries without leaving the comfort of your chair that’s placed in front of a computer that’s logged into Pukamata? Then have I got the game for YOU! This is the closest thing to travelling the world you’ll get during the time spent at this whare wānanga (unless you’re one of those jetsetting peeps who go to see the whanau over in Oz all the time). Geo Challenge has you ‘showing the tūrihi’ on their way to ‘whenua kē’, making sure they’ve got their pēke, their waka rererangi flights, their wāhi, and tongi on landmarks on lock. You do this by completing four stages: Suitcase Shuffle challenges your knowledge of country flags, Map Mayhem challenges your ‘country shapes’, City Blitz asks you to put a ‘tongi’ on cities in different countries, and Landmark Loco gives you landmarks to place on the world map. All this helps you to help them to get overseas. Fun part? You get to watch. Think it sounds interesting? No? Well with a score of 89 and a rank of an ‘Agoraphobe’ (basically a hermit), I reckon it wouldn’t sound interesting either.

“Let me introduce you to someone,” says the nice hostess, “World, this is you. You, this is world. Maybe it’s time you got to know each other!” Well kia ora, World. I need to know you apparently.

2.5/5 tikos

Family Feud

When I first started playing I was like “Pffffffffffft, ‘Family Feud’? Eta pei, hoki ki te kainga, kei reira kē te whānau whaiti!” But then I started playing it and it made some sense… Questions like ‘Name a typical holiday casserole?’ can easily draw a blank. Then when you find out that the top answers to this question was green bean, tuna, chicken, turkey, sweet potato, and broccoli? Hika! For someone who’s only ever had a chicken, lamb or beef casserole, the thought of green bean, tuna and broccoli gave me the gags. These people need to be introduced to a hangi. But it gets worse. ‘What’s a favourite carnival snack?’ Candy floss right? Yeah, you’d think so, wouldn’t you? Well that answer got nothing. But the top answer instead was cotton candy. E tā mēte! No wonder they get their family feud on! So if you want to get feuding­—and it would more likely be with your computer than anyone or anything else—then “it’s tiiiiiime to play faaaaaaaamily feeeeud!” Otherwise, go have a cuppa tea and a biscuit, ‘cos this game is more about how American you can be than anything else.

4/5 tikos

Word Challenge

Scrabble! Scrabble! Scrabble! Online. That’s pretty much it. You get letters. You make words. You get points. Bonus round means you get letters that make up a friend’s name from your friends on Facebook. Then you get to see where you rank among your friends. You even get to challenge them. I really can’t add anymore. Oh! The ranks are cool too.

1.5 tikos (cos’ it’s actually quite cool)


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