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Wafaa Bilal Gets Camera Implanted in Head, Removed

Last year, Wafaa Bilal, a fine arts professor from New York University, had a camera implanted in the back of his head. This was a genuine scientific attempt at making the camera integrate with the flesh on his head. Well-known for his interactive and performance pieces, Bilal made the decision to get the implant as ‘an allegorical statement about the things we don’t see and leave behind.’ Not surprisingly, his body rejected the camera, and it has had to be surgically removed from
his head.

Malaysians Thieves Are Scum, Impressive

Three men with a small truck stole a two-storey house last week in Perlis, Malaysia. The landlord was alerted to the absence of his property a few days after it went missing and when he showed up to the site all that was left was a few bits of wood and a broken TV. Interestingly enough the total value of the house, its furnishings, the cutlery and furniture only came to NZD$13,370.

Woman Slips on Banana Peel

A woman in California has slipped on a banana peel and suffered a herniated disk and tissue damage. The woman is suing the 99 cent store she was in when she slipped over; the store has refused a $40,000 settlement, but the woman’s case has not yet been rejected even after over 100 years of television and cinema providing safety warnings about the threats posed by seemingly innocuous banana peels.

Americans Love Water, Salmon, Shrimp

New York City beverage company MeatWater have released a fresh new line of waters this year including poached salmon salad water and Caribbean shrimp salad water. The company also sells Peking duck water and tandoori chicken water.

Ukrainians Encourage Social Drinking, Sort Of

A company in eastern Ukraine have released a new ‘drinking buddy’ service, sort of like a mix between Dial a Driver and escort services in the sense that they are rented friends who are there to accommodate for your drinking habits. The ‘drinking buddies’ are ‘qualified’
to yarn about politics, sports, women, the weather,
and so on.


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  1. Terrah says:

    Yeah that’s what I’m tlkaing about baby–nice work!

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