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On Campus: An Encounter With Leon

25-year hospitality veteran, Leon Theaker, last had his hair cut above the collar in December of 1983.

Mid-life crisis/redundancy? What gives?
Business was slow at the restaurant I was working at in Taranaki.

What began your love affair with metal?
First experience was at my neighbours’, who put on Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality—the rest is history.

What have you been studying this time round?
German and History (again).

Game of Thrones?
Love it! [Matt stoked to contribute that his dad has read all five books.]

I’d be far too terrified to go to a metal concert, what’s the weirdest shit you’ve ever seen?
At a Slayer concert in London my mate had an LED light that he was holding between his teeth, then someone bumped into him from behind and he swallowed. (hospital yarns follow)

Tattoo portfolio?
Wizard with warrior women, female viking, male viking with lion, Mjollnir, (Thor’s hammer) Odin (a Viking god). I believe I’m a viking descendent.

If you could meet a rock star from any era, who would it be and why? 

*Stunned silence*

Our Facebook stalking showed that you have a wealth of bartending experience. You would have had to break up the odd fisticuffs..
Definitely—especially at Tavistock’s in London—football fans came in hyped up/pissed. People wanted to fight me too, even being a fat guy. My accent did wonders—people didn’t like that.

Favourite beer?
Flensburger pilsner.

How do you imagine your future in five and 20 years’ time?
Five years: graduated with a real job. 20 years: should have teenagers.

Did you have leadership responsibilities at school?
I was a prefect by popular vote, principal thought I’d get a haircut..

Eagle versus bear: who takes it?
Depends on whether bear can get a decent swot or whether eagle can use mobility to pick out bear’s eyes.

Have you faced any disadvantages because of your age?
Not really. Pleased study skills is here, in the 80s you were looked down upon if you needed help.

Mature students have a rep for asking/answering a lot of questions. Why the first-year enthusiasm?
We feel we have something to add with our experience, schoolies are used to getting told everything.

Mature, is that you?
Mature and me in the same sentence? You sure? (turns interview on us)

Asset sales?
Didn’t like it when Labour did it, and sure as hell don’t like it now. Tax payers own these things for a reason.

Wellington is hosting the greatest metal concert ever seen by man but there’s a catch, a politician is going to open proceedings with a speech. Who’s on stage?
It’d have to be Winston—he’s cheeky but says what most people are thinking.

Metal fans seem like outlaw bikers. What’s up with always wearing black?
No one invented a darker colour.


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  1. Bernie Christian says:

    Not bad…………very tame in fact,

  2. Schbliddi says:

    Hi Leon,

    whats about Kitzmann Berchkerwabier ;-)

    may the force be with you


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