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Full Kill Murray Interview

Interview Playlist
boss ass bitch – nicki minaj
werkin girls – angel haze
pussy – lady
like a boy – ciara
try again – aaliyah
i’m really hot – missy elliott
crush on you – lil kim
marvin’s room (can’t do better) – jojo
unpretty – tlc
smoke blowbacks – kill murray

Q. When was the last time you smoked a doob?
A. About 45 minutes ago. 45 minutes ago? After Shortland Street.

Q. What kind of music do you make?
A. Rap music for very sad people.

Q. Who are your favourite female rappers?
A. Lil’ Kim, Nicki Minaj, Lady, Missy Elliot, Lisa Lefteye, Angel Haze, Iggy Azalea, does Ciara count? I love Ciara.

Q. What is your favourite possession?
A. All my toys.
Q. Can you expand on toys?
A. All of my Simpsons collection, which I spent a lot of money on, which I reflect on when I have no money. I look at all these things and I’m like…priorities…good priorities Katie. Also my soft toy collection and my Eminem action figure.

Q. Where did it all start?
A. I was really drunk with my friend Nicole and we thought it’d be funny and so we just started free stylin’ when we were drunk and stoned walking around Auckland. Then I went to a rap show and they invited me on stage because they thought I was attractive and then I went up to one of them afterwards and was like ‘I just started rapping and writing and stuff, it’d be really cool to talk to you about it and he just like avoided me and laughed in my face.”
Q. Whaaat?!
A. They were very rude so I wrote a diss track about them.
Q. Nice.
A. Yeah.
Q. And that’s how you got famous?
A. (cracks up) Yeah.

Q. What inspires or influences your music?
A. Kale! No. Not kale.
Q. Kale? We’ve got that on record right?
A. Don’t say kale.
Q. Kale is on the record.
A. Don’t say kale! Please don’t say kale.
Q. You just said kale so many times.
A. Oh kaaaale. Um, panic attacks and having too many feelings for a regular person and boys being douche bags and being really high and thinking about a lot of things all the time. All the music I listen to is just hip hop and rap.

Q. Do you dream in rap?
A. No I just have really horrible nightmares.
Q. But then you can rap about it right?
A. Yeah.

Q. What are your favourite snacks?
A. Snacks? Snakes?
Q. Snacks.
A. Snacks?
Q. What are your favourite snacks?
A. What are your favourite snakes?
Q. I really enjoyed those wasabi peas.
A. I said snakes.
Q. Ohh, snakes. I don’t know.
A. I really like the movie Anaconda. Anyway, snacks. Wasabi peas I’ve been going pretty hard on lately, they’re really good. Kale chips. Peanut butter cups!
Q. Anything else?
A. Creaming soda. Cigarettes?
Q. Yup.
A. Good.

Q. If you could say one thing to your mum right now what would it be?
A. I’m really sorry that every article and interview you’ve read on me so far has mentioned how much weed I smoke all the time.
Q. Well maybe this will be the article to redeem yourself.
A. (laughs) I don’t think so going by how it’s gone so far.

Q. If you could be any animal what would you be?
A. Capybara.
Q. A capybara?
A. A capybara.
Q. What is…? What do they do?
A. They look so chill all the time. They look wise, yet smug, yet content and they’re like giant guinea pigs and they go swimming and just chill out. They like belly scratches.
Q. They probably smoke doobs.
A. Yeah. They’re so chill. They’re so funny looking. You should probably put a picture of a capybara in the article.

Q. What’s next on your list?
A. I’ve got songs that I’m working on with my friend Asher aka Skymning and my friend Nicole Dollanganger who lives in Canada. I’m going to do some stuff with my friend Eddie who is Race Banyon and Lontalius. I’m going to put together an EP and release it through Muzai. I’ve got to get my laptop fixed…
Q. So if anyone has money to spare…
A. Or a spare Macbook battery
Q. Give it to Kill Murray.
A. Donate the Kill Murray funds.
Q. Even if it’s in cigarettes right?
A. Yeah…that won’t fix the laptop but it will make me feel better for about eight to ten minutes.

Q. Let’s talk about the Vice comments.
A. Oh yeah, it was really scary, people on Vice are really angry. Well, a lot of people are really nice but then there’s a culture of internet trolls and people just wanting to be dicks. It was kind of funny though, my favourite comment was ‘grow up and do some real drugs’ and also ‘I’m ashamed to be from New Zealand’. A lot of people compared me to Kitty Pryde, which was really annoying because I like two or three of her songs but I don’t base my music on that. It was basically because I’m female and I’m not aggressively rapping and I’m talking about my feelings, which is silly because if I wasn’t female it wouldn’t happen.
Q. What was that question that the guy asked you when you did the radio interview and he was talking about how you rap about your feelings?
A. He was like don’t you feel weird about putting all that out there? Why do you talk about all those things? And I was like because I feel them.

Q. Who are the most influential women in your life
A. My momma. Angela Elizabeth Sisson. Who else?
Q. I would say possibly Bronski at the moment.
A. (laughs) Bronski the cat that lives at my house.
Q. Right? No? Okay.
A. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, definitely. She was really important for me growing up.
Q. Would you say she shapes you as a human?
A. Yep. Sometimes I go out hunting men, cutting off their penises.
Q. And then rapping about it.
A. Yep.

Q. Have we talked about your single cover?
A. Oh yeah the single cover for Smoke Blowbacks is a picture of me that a man from the internet printed out and ejaculated onto. Then he took a photo of it and sent it to me. It’s one of my favourite pictures of me! I’m pretty sure the random man on the internet who jizzed on a photo of me is the same random man on the internet who sent me a giant vibrator.
Q. Really?
A. I was just bored and would troll fetish websites and say I was a dominatrix to see if I could find someone to pay my rent. I was really successful the first night someone sent me 60 bucks on an Amazon gift card. Then I set up an ebay wishlist and put some vibrators and stuff on so it looked legit. I thought the vibrator was really small and then it came in the mail and it’s like the length of an arm. It’s in the video (Smoke Blowbacks). It’s unused but I sold it. I was like this is overwhelming. It was one of those giant Hitachi ones. They’re really loud as well, you’d have to go into the lounge and be like ‘Alright everyone I’m going to use the Hitachi, I’m going to brutalise my vagina.’

Q. Is there anything else you want to talk about?
A. Am I meant to say more professional musician sounding things about my sound and my vibe?
Q. Oh yeah, what’s your sound and your vibe?
A. I just like really pretty kind of sinister sounding things.
Q. Kind of like Virgin Suicides?
A. Yeah I love that book and that movie.

Q. What movie would you recommend everyone to watch?
A. This is a movie that I watched the other day and it’s really awesome: Freaks by Todd Browning and it’s about freaks at a freak show filmed in the 1920s/30s.
Q. That sounds really terrifying.
A. It’s awesome it’s really good.
Q. Is it scary?
A. Nah. That’s the thing, ‘freaks’ is not a bad word, they were the celebrities of their time and they toured America and stuff like that. There’s this real babe in it called Jonny Eck the Half Boy and he didn’t have any legs but he did things like one-armed handstands. But also everyone should just watch Groundhog Day again because it really is fantastic.
Q. We out.


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