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October 12, 2014 | by  | in Online Only | [ssba]

Salient Yarn

After reading the Salient election issue I was left historically fucked off. The piece that got me highlighting, circling, jotting notes and furiously displaying my anger in teeth clenching whispers (I was in a Blue zone, gotta respect the blue zone) was an interview with John Key.

I don’t want you to think this is going to be an “OMG I H8 J.KEY” rant, My issue is his apparent lack of understanding surrounding drugs.

He shows a few different areas of Ignorance to important issues faced by our country and don’t you worry I’m gonna point them out and rip some shit so strap in lads and ladesses its GO TIME!

  1. Our PRIME ‘FUCKING’ MINISTER stands behind that statement that “Smoking Cannabis fries your brain”. This quality piece of ignorance is not based in fact but rather based in a distain and misinformation presented to us in programs like D.A.R.E and Police school outreach programmes that told us “Don’t do Drugs their bad for you, you will go crazy!” Obviously the psychological impact of long term drug use has not been completely studied but if we look people who have publicly admitted to Cannabis use we see Successful Politian’s, Professional athletes, Brilliant scientists, Outstanding Musicians and some of the funniest and creative people on earth, as well a burnouts, but that’s the Human Condition. The idea that “Cannabis fries your brain” and that’s why we shouldn’t do it is draconian and it needs to stop being taught. You tell someone Cannabis is the worst thing ever and then they try it and it’s not bad, they start thinking what else have they lied to me about. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but it CAN BE. We should be told the truth to the best of our scientific understanding rather than use scare tactics, which goes for all drugs.

  1. It was just that I hated smoking and I would never try any other drugs because I’d be terrified of what I was taking” this one is great because he is basically making the argument for why Cannabis (and I think other drugs) should be legalised and regulated. They persist in society, he admits that cannabis use is very high in the student population “80 per cent of students have tried it…I have no doubt about that”.  So shouldn’t we regulate and put strict laws around these substances like we do with alcohol and tobacco so people feel safe and don’t panic or be put at risk. Lets look at some numbers eh?

  1. How about a table.


Use %

Dependence rate %

Revenue millions of $

Tax Revenue millions of $

Cost millions of $

















56-580 (based on 40% tax)


  1. ”I’ve drunk plenty of alcohol and I can see there is a legitimate argument that they’re both drugs of sorts” this quote, this fucking quote got me the most riled up. An argument AN ARGUMENT, A FUCKING ARGUMENT. There is no argument, there are facts. “DRUG: a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body. “Alcohol is just as much of a drug as Cannabis, Caffeine, Tobacco, Meth, Panadol and Ritz. We just treat them differently. If it comes from a lab it’s a doctor or pharmacist who controls the flow, if it comes in cup or can its retailers discretion, if it comes in a bottle its liquor stores and bars, if its in a paper it’s the dairy who supplies. We have drug dealers everywhere. At Uni there is a pharmacy, a bar, numerous café’s and vending machines, not to mention numerous promotional events all of which shift drugs, Its just legal drugs “There’s an Argument that they’re both drugs of sorts” FUCK OFF that is an ignorant attitude. Alcohol is a scourge on our country that never gets brought up. 84% of NZ’ers are regular users, a 2009 study, applying a methodology endorsed by the World Health Organization, estimated harmful alcohol use cost New Zealand $4.9 billion with other estimates ranging from 735 million to 16.1 billion. 600-800 people every year die in alcohol related consequences, 18-35% of weekday and 60-70% of weekend A&E patients are alcohol related as well as 300 alcohol related offences. 1/3 of all police apprehensions and half of all serious crime is alcohol related. Tell me that’s not a deleterious drug John.

If our Prime minister doesn’t understand what a drug is, thinks cannabis fries your brain do you think he and other politicians can actually make an informed decision. If he isn’t willing to hear an argument because he “just fundamentally, at the core of it, believe[s] people should get their kicks in other ways.” Is that right? I’m not saying lets ban everything, don’t come at me with that h8. I love getting drunk, sipping on a shitty instant coffee, and getting high but I don’t partake all them all the time. Let the country make informed decisions rather than scaring us with falsehoods, it’s s not up to you to refuse reform because you don’t like it. That’s my yarn, plz tell me how wrong I am.


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