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Some Shows to Watch

Orders from on high to produce something along the lines of a ‘Best Of’ playlist for TV. I don’t know much about TV, so thought we could just have some shows in here that you might like to watch at some point, or not, even though some of them aren’t that recent. In no particular order:

Broad City: Just in case you haven’t seen this already. Pretty funny. Skirts the line between being nicely comedic and a little bit far-fetched. There are actually some sinister little jokes regarding sinister men, I thought, which got serious. And they smoke a lot of weed – if you don’t like that, then don’t worry about this show. Further, it’s a good example of American humour hitting its stride a little more than usual. Briskness, or something. This one’s also quite cool in terms of editing and sound, too. Anyway, that should be enough for what seems to be quite a popular show.

Rick and Morty: Lots of people have probably seen this already, too. But anyway, animated sitcom which aired on Cartoon Network last year. It’s created in part by Dan Harmon, the dude who also did Community. However, if you’re one of the many people who kind of hated Community, don’t fear. This cartoon is quite different. Premise is your usual family setup, except instead of a talking dog or alien or Kenny or whatever, there’s this grandfather, Rick, who is sort of like an alcoholic super scientist. Rick and his grandson Morty have adventures. It’s one of the most creative things I’ve seen in a while. And some of the jokes about the state of affairs in our communities at the moment are actually just ruthless. But good. Additionally, the writing is some of the best you’ll come across. It’s odd watching an animated sitcom that manages to do dialogue in a very uncontrived way. Another word for that would be authentic, I guess, but I try to stay away from that one as much as possible. Moving on.

True Detective: Just watch it.

Transparent: Not really sure about this one. I’ve just watched the pilot episode and it looks like it could be okay. Though the pun in the title really devalues the entire thing to me. Anyway it’s a sitcom, so again, the family themes. But this time, the father is transgender, and so I assume most of the action of the show is built around the way that fact affects the lives of this woman’s children, friends and her ex-wife. For once, it looks like the transgender stuff is gonna be handled well and with empathy instead of it being framed as otherness. But I’ve only seen one episode. Worth a watch. Also, it looks like this might be slightly different from a genre perspective, because despite being given the sitcom format (20-min eps), there’s clearly a wider narrative forming and so each episode is dependant on the last, instead of being standalone, as a sitcom typically would be. Interesting.

The Affair: This one hasn’t actually aired yet. But it’s got Dominic West from The Wire and also Ruth Wilson from Luther. It could be good, it could be bad, but I’m gonna see what it’s about on 12 October.

Fargo: I’m sure lots of you have seen this. I actually don’t have much time for it, personally, but there’s a lot of hype and so I’m sure it’s worth the watch. Especially if you’re into the original film. The show doesn’t really seem to have quite the same individuality of the film, and that’s not really all so surprising given the Coen Bros don’t write this (though they are executive-producing, which is a trendy thing to do a the moment). However, the show does retain the quirkiness of its namesake, and that’s something you might enjoy. Also a good one if you’re a fan of Martin Freeman or Billy Bob Thornton.

Sherlock: If you haven’t seen this, you live in a rock, or whatever that saying is.

Girls: Again, just watch it.

House of Cards: I thought the second season got a little bit out of hand myself, though other people vehemently argue it’s totally in keeping with the narrative arc that we’ve been working towards since episode one. If you haven’t seen the first season, definitely watch that. Interesting show in that they release a season at a time. Think it was the first show to do this.

To leave you with some sparkling conversation: dogs can’t watch TV; Western Australia is 3.6 times larger than Texas and has only eight Domino’s Pizzas; and hot water freezes faster than cold.


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