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August 2, 2015 | by  | in News | [ssba]

Eye On Exec: Lateness Prevails

Ever been penalised an exorbitant number of marks for handing an assignment in late? Ever harboured reveries of sticking it to The Man by staging a mass revolt of lateness? They can’t penalise everyone, right? Well, the Exec has lived out your fantasies; they are the heroes you always dreamed of being. Their half-year reports, where they set out exactly what you’ve been paying them to do for the past seven months, were due on 10 July. When that didn’t work, the deadline was pushed out to the 22nd. Then, five minutes before the start of the last Exec meeting—where the reports were meant to be approved and released to you, the students (okay, to Salient; we’re aware none of you are actually going to read the reports because you’re not masochists like us)—President Rick informed Salient that half the Exec were still writing their reports and the deadline had been extended by another week.

People power!

For the Exec’s half-year scorecards, see next week’s Salient. Maybe.

Barely fifteen seconds after opening the meeting Rick moved into committee to discuss the 2015 budget. This year’s budget had to be completely rewritten over the past couple of months—partly because VUWSA tried (and failed) to illegally withhold over $20,000 in NZUSA levies, but mostly because VUWSA hired a new General Manager, who took one look at the existing budget, said “shit’s a bit fucked eh bro” (or words to that effect), and realised it would be easier to just overhaul the whole thing and start again.

Anyway, the original budget—which Salient likes to imagine was written in crayon, or simply smeared across a wall with an unidentified substance—is no more. You’ll be excited to learn, though, that VUWSA IS STILL ON TRACK FOR ITS FIRST BALANCED BUDGET SINCE VSM!

(Technically this is bollocks, since the budget includes a six-figure grant from the VUWSA Trust, a (presumably dwindling) bailout fund set up to keep VUWSA afloat post-VSM. But don’t let that get in the way of a “milestone”.)

Rick then reported on the VUWSA Constitutional Review Committee, which has been set up to suggest changes to VUWSA’s overly complex constitution. VUWSA has to present any proposed changes to students before the AGM in mid-August, but everyone’s being extremely vague when it comes to actual deadlines (true to form; see above).

The review covers, well, everything, from minor semantic issues, to a clearout of all the operational policy that’s somehow wormed its way into the Constitution, to VUWSA’s oversight of Salient (which this year has randomly oscillated between nonexistent and much, much too existent). VUWSA also needs to review whether the new Executive structure, which came into effect in 2013, is working—they were meant to do this last year but missed the deadline (see above; see above).

VUWSA has only two windows throughout the year—the IGM and the AGM—to pass these changes. Some of the Exec want to amend the Constitution to allow for constitutional changes to be voted on via online referenda—but, again, this would have to be passed at the AGM. Time is running out, and this whole thing already has “next year’s problem” written all over it.

Five-Year Engagement Vice-President Toby gave a report on Re-O-Week, which has improved dramatically since its pyjama-party nadir of 2012. Other than people saying mean things on Yik Yak about the music in the Hub, there were few problems.

After a brief detour into committee to discuss O-Week 2016, Naughty Rory announced that the Faculty Games will return this year. Rory’s putting together a working group to organise the games, and Champagne Officer Nathaniel suggested the working group be called “the Sports Team”.

During the rest of the meeting, it was established that scissor lifts are fun, and that Rick’s heavy drinking makes him “relatable”. Salient overheard Rick muttering something to the General Manager about “the PGSA want[ing] a grand”, but missed the rest of the conversation, so we’ll let you speculate wildly about what those pesky postgrads might want a grand for.


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