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Editors’ Letter

This is the end and there are few words coming to mind other than cheesy late ’90s early ’00s pop lyrics that mourn the end of high school and romantic relationships. The end of Salient is and isn’t that monumental. I hate goodbyes, they’re so sad, and final. But every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.


We’ve covered a lot this year and for that we cannot thank enough the hundreds of volunteers who have given their time and words to this publication — there are so many of you! 313 people contributed their writing, art, and time to the magazine this year (there are likely more than this, we’re not sure how much to trust our counting!), and we want to say thank you to them all. 12 people have also helped make videos for Salient TV, and 168 have been involved in Salient FM hosting shows.

If there’s one regret we have it’s that there have inevitably been people we’ve been unable to bring on board, or emails we’ve missed, and we apologise for that. While we tried our best, there are limits to the 20 hours we are paid for each week — next year if you want to be involved get in touch early!

Many more of you have engaged with the magazine, listened to the radio, and watched our videos — we want to say thank you! Your involvement is crucial and we hope you’ve found something enjoyable or of interest this year (even if it was just Puck’s legendary puzzles).

We’re not going to pretend that it has been all smooth sailing; when re-reading Issue 01 recently, we could feel the shock of having to produce a weekly magazine emanating through the pages. We recognise this must have been jarring to those of you returning to VUW; a completely different design and format, coupled with us being somewhat rushed and overwhelmed. So thank you to those of you who stuck with us: we appreciate you and your feedback.

Part of our decision to make the changes this year was to shake up the possibilities of Salient on its 80th birthday. We were hoping to create something with a lifespan beyond the publication week, with a fresh design layout and writing that tackled questions with no easy answers. We want people to be able to return to the issues and find value — to have something to take with them when they leave university that doesn’t just sit dusty under the bed.

It’s not for us to say whether we succeeded (and we’re sure some of you loathe what we’ve done, wishing for more fun and colour!), but it’s also the beauty of student media that the publication can morph so much year to year.

Salient 2018 will have a completely new team, a new feel, and we encourage you to stay engaged with it. May the independent publication of student voice be something that the university and VUWSA respect enough to give it the “adequate funding” Salient and its hundreds of contributors/readers are entitled to.

With our final space we want to say thank you to our close team of staff for their dedication and the huge amount of overtime they’ve all worked this year (adequate funding!). Thanks to Brigid, Sun, Ellyse, Georgia, Morgan, Elise, Cameron, Rob, Dan, Ali, Mikee, Darren, and Josephine — you’re all stars.


P.S. If anyone wants to pick up some copies of the previous issues, there are a few kicking round the office and we’re happy to mail them out too — get in touch,


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