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February 26, 2018 | by  | in Arts Books | [ssba]

An Honest Review of First Year Textbooks

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, will spend it all on textbooks.

That’s right, trimester one is almost upon us, and all you lil first years will be starting your classes in a week’s time. You’ll also be sorting out what textbooks you’re going to need, and how much of your course related costs you can spend at Liquor King while still being able to afford them all.

I’m an old crone and have been through four years of university already, so I’m well versed in the world of textbooks. So let me, your books editor and textbook guru, guide you through your upcoming purchasing with an honest review of some textbooks for first year courses, so you all know what you’re in for.

ACCY130 – Accounting: Information for Business Decisions by Billie Cunningham: The chocolate bar calculator cover is pretty cool.

COMP102 – Java Foundations 3rd Edition: Reading this book will mean you’ll probably make an enormous amount of money, but please don’t make AI, it is scary and the world has enough problems without hyper-intelligent killing robots.

ECON130/141 – Principles of Economics 12th Edition by Karl E. Case: Do you love Rogernomics? Do you go bananas for Neoliberalism? Then this book is for you!

ENGL111 – Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare: Actually one of his best plays. Full of good bants, goofs, and lols. Selected Poems by John Keats: A sadboi writes good love poems then dies of tuberculosis.

INTP113 – World Politics: International Relations and Globalisation in the 21st Century by Jeffrey Haynes: This book will inspire you to want to work for the UN or be an Ambassador, but in reality will help you get a job at MFAT.

LAWS121 – Law Alive 3rd Edition by Grant Morris: Read this or you’ll die.

MARK101 – Marketing Principles by O. C. Ferrell: An integrated and diversified education tool designed for maximum knowledge expansion of corporate enterprise linguistic patterns, and the ultimate how-to guide for becoming a yopro.

POLS111 – New Zealand Government and Politics 6th Edition by Janine Hayward: Best read under a tree at Parliament, or over a pint at Back Benchers.

PSYC121 – Psychology 8th Edition by Henry Gleitman et. al: Definitely more useful than Student Health’s counselling service.

Any MATH, STAT, or QUAN book – I literally can’t even do basic maths so trying to understand and review any these books would be pointless. Honestly props to you for doing a maths course, good luck and Godspeed.

Hopefully these mini reviews will help all of you wee freshers get pumped to do your readings… until week three and then you’ll give up. Good luck for your future studies and happy reading!


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