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New beginnings are coming, and the world is ready to see your point of view. You’ll be feeling independent and energetic on Tuesday — focusing your productivity on knowledge and academic pursuits will be fruitful. Mercury is in retrograde, if your gut tells you not to pick up the phone, don’t. Wear pink, kiss people on the cheek when you hug them.


Monday brings sexual energy and a desire for revenge, however I strongly advise you don’t combine the two. Changes are looming, and the moon entering Pisces midweek makes now a favourable time for planning travel. Drinking on Friday night is likely to put you in a physical predicament, so I recommend you save hitting town for Saturday. Putting one foot over the edge of the bed and on the floor helps if you have drunk spins.


The waning moon will have you feeling a little anxious, and like your bones are getting old. Avoid interpersonal conflict, especially with smart people — Mars is in Capricorn, and the intellectual bullies are out in full force. Things will become clearer towards the end of the week, prepare yourself for unexpected opportunities. Remember, the monster under the bed is just an asshole cat.


You may feel driven to focus on your private life and close relationships, but the stars are favouring your professional and academic life for the moment. Your intellectual side will blossom in the first half of the week, and the Aquarian moon at this time will make you feel a little more independent and detached than usual. Your emotions will be your main motivation from Wednesday to Saturday, take yourself for walks, wear sparkly eyeshadow.


Expect to feel creative and passionate through most of the week. Your stamina level is strong, so this will be a fruitful week. Usually, you’re a bit of an egomaniac, but as the moon moves through Pisces midweek you can expect to feel more in-tune to the emotions of those around you — try to learn from this. Thursday will be a lucrative day for those of the Leo persuasion, wear green and spend time in the sun when you’re not busy making bank.


You’re in an ideal position to learn new things and experience different aspects of Wellington you might not have given much thought to, both this week and next. Avoid rushing things, no matter how compelling it may seem. If you’re expecting grades back this week, it’s likely you’ll be disappointed. Don’t drop out of uni just yet. Spend some time with a cutie, as you’ll be more attractive to romantic prospects this week.


You’ll find yourself learning a lot this week about your relationships, particularly those of a romantic nature. Take time to consider diplomacy and empathy. Listen to the people around you, whether that be the conversation happening next to you in a bar or your flatmates. People are wanting to tell you things even if they aren’t conscious of it.


You’re going to be feeling very proud of the work you do this week, and your ego may get tied up in your successes to the extent that it pisses people off. Get off your high horse — take pride in your efforts but don’t consider yourself superior. You will be compelled to be overly critical and analytic of your life and relationships. Take a chill pill, Scorpio, you’re fine.


Now is a creative, playful time. You’ll find yourself feeling proud of your relationship status (whatever it may be) and it’s likely you’ll be a little more charming than usual ;). Embrace this, but don’t be a sleaze. You have much to learn about honesty and intuition, take time to think about whether you’re saying what you think or what you think will please others. Have a yarn with a child, they have a lot to teach you.


Now is a time to recharge and consider your next moves. Focus your energy on your family and home life, as you have been neglecting these lately and it’s likely that your lack of grounding will come back to bite you later in the month if you don’t sort them now. Epiphanies about your relationships are likely towards the weekend, particularly Sunday. Don’t rush yourself or force productivity if it’s not coming naturally. Handing in an essay two days late is not the end of the world.


Lots of cliches for you this week, Aquarius. You’ll likely be seen as a bit of a “busy bee” with a “finger in every pie.” Your “fancy” will be “tickled” by more people, opportunities, and material items than usual. You’ll be finding solutions to long-running problems, so now is a good time to consider your mess of a life (sorry, but we both know it’s true). You’ll be attracted to the idea of socialising but your interactions may not always be fruitful, I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.


Don’t try to hide chocolate wrappers under the bed! I know you went into full hedonist mode during the Easter break but there’s no reason to develop a guilt complex over it. Pisces are famous treat-yo-self-ers and you should take this on with pride. The weekend will be productive for you, take advantage of this and the clarity that comes with it. Go to the vege market, a balanced diet is crucial for a healthy mind.


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