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Who Wrote It Better?

Mike Hosking has long since been a blight on the face of New Zealand media – his controversial comments have made him notorious throughout the country. Now, a budding young entrepreneur named Josh Drummond has created possibly the best thing ever – he has fed Hosking’s columns through AI that will recreate the spew of vitriol that Hosking believes constitutes journalism. The future
is now, old man. But the question is, can you differentiate between what was written by Mike, and what was written by the AI? Cause lord knows, I can’t.
1. “I quickly worked out that unlike the theory of what it was possible to be in terms of wit and levity, it was in fact largely a cesspool of misery and angst.”
2. “Ineptitude essentially does the same thing today that I said yesterday. Look, they have got hold of papers that show they are making recommendations. It’s been an entire million years since they’ve been in office.”
3. “Which is the other irony of it… Is it really a story? Is a language in trouble a story if it’s been in trouble pretty much as long as I can remember, which would be most of my life, which is about 50 years.”
4. “Learning Maori doesn’t add up to much. And if you forced kids to learn it, they would learn at the expense of what you would call ‘sensible realistic prospects’.”
5. “He simply can’t afford to be a wide boy.”
6. “Ideology will kill them because they can’t have a look at what the government is delivering. Jacinda essentially does the same thing today that I said yesterday.”
7. “Is it deception to work out of their depth? Probably. The reality is that this country has always been in trouble. We’re solid contenders for agriculture, and there aren’t many objectors to be implemented
into believing idealistically.”
8. “So… what to do? Well if the Government were of a mind (and thank God it’s not) it could make every kid learn it.”
9. ”The Greens have form. But that would take money, and the new Government needs the way of the future.”

10. ”The Greens are the big losers. Yes they’re in government, but only just.”


  1. Mike
  2. AI
  3. Mike
  4. AI
  5. Mike
  6. AI
  7. AI
  8. Mike
  9.  AI
  10. Mike

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