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August 5, 2019

CW: Mental Illness, Suicide, Substance Use   1. I’m thinking about my first solo swim at Mawhitipana Bay when I was five. A huge adventure for little limbs, quite quickly I was pulled into deeper waters, but despite the salt in my stomach there were so many days after school I would wade through the […]

August 5, 2019

Mou te ko, mou te ere,  Kia pukuru o vaevae Kia mokora o kaki, iekoko! E tu, e ara, e te au potiki o te Kuki Airani Mouria to korona, takina ki runga. Kia kite te kato’ato’a i te peu a to’ou Ipukarea   Mou te ko, mou te ere,  Kia pukuru o vaevae Kia […]

July 9, 2019

  DREAMER: In my first dream, I was enjoying a peaceful slumber in my bedroom (I live in a hall) when all of a sudden, I heard a baby crying. I leapt out of bed and went towards the sound. It turned out this little baby was in another bedroom on my floor where a […]

May 6, 2019

Hi Sissy, So I have recently had a small piece of drama in my life. One of my hard-to-read flatmates said that he had something to talk with me about, and told me that he had feelings for me. This totally blindsided me. I do not have any feelings for this flatmate and we’ve never […]

April 1, 2019

I’m having a difficult time making friends at Vic. I’ve been having a hard time breaking into any friend groups or making any substantial friendships and feeling very isolated here.   I have tried to join clubs, talk to people at different events, and reach out to those in close proximity. People are friendly and […]

March 18, 2019

I feel like I’m not even that old but sex just feels like the same thing over and over lately. We just kiss for a bit, we go down on each other then it’s penetration for a bit till one or both of us cum. How do i get out of this sex rut?? New […]

May 28, 2018

Joshua Kingsford’s Comedy Festival show really bugged me. His gangly frame jaunted onto stage, with all the charm and naivety of a newly-born red haired giraffe. His set was full of light-hearted jokes about being a ginger, his dad’s post retirement life being totally subsumed by The Chase, and bumbling Facebook messenger banter with women […]

April 9, 2018

When we laugh in a comedy show, we laugh hard at those comics that can point out that punchline sitting just out of reach, but we laugh hardest at the comics who point those punchlines out with a voice that is totally their own. Phoney Love has a touch of the former, however, its strength […]

July 24, 2017

To whomever doesn’t think it’s a concern (even though it actually is), In New Zealand, under the Human Rights Act 1993, it is illegal to discriminate against an individual on the grounds of “sexual orientation, which means a heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian, or bisexual orientation” (s 21(1)(m)). In 1993 when the Act was enacted, diverse sexualities, […]

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