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October 12, 2009

2009. It’s not over yet, but it might as well be considering this is the last issue (the ultimate issue, if you will) of Salient. Hells teeth, where do I begin. Has 2009 been a good year for film? Well, I would say yes. It was certainly a damn sight better than 2008 but still […]

September 28, 2009

There is a heck of a lot to like about Moon. It is a very confident debut by director Duncan Jones, which boasts retro-cool set design, coherent storytelling, and an excellent performance by the consistently wonderful Sam Rockwell. Despite knowing nods to sci-fi classics like 2001 and Solaris, Jones has created a truly original piece […]

September 21, 2009

The ‘New Hollywood’ was a period beginning around 1967 with Arthur Penn’s explosive Bonnie and Clyde and ending with the studio-busting catastrophe of Michael Cimino’s overblown Heaven’s Gate in 1980. Perhaps the most fruitful chapter in the history of Hollywood cinema, one need only mention The Godfather, Taxidriver, Jaws and Star Wars for examples of […]

September 14, 2009

Despite being in existence since the late 90s, I have only just discovered the great term two time-waster that is HSX. HSX stands for Hollywood Stock Exchange, which more or less tells you exactly what the deal is. Sign up and you get given 2 million dollars (not real money!) to try your luck as […]

September 14, 2009

The September issue is the phonebook-sized fashion bible Vogue magazine puts out every year which has the power to make or break designers and to ostensibly define what’s ‘in’ for the new fashion season. This film follows the production of the issue, from concepts to photo shoots to publication. Calling all the shots is Vogue’s […]

August 17, 2009

A few weeks ago I made the claim Michael Haneke was perhaps the finest director working today. I still firmly believe that after I had the privilege of seeing The White Ribbon, a late addition to the film festival. Haneke’s film is everything the early reviews said it was—austere, chilling and brilliant. Yet nobody seemed […]

August 17, 2009

A recipe for controversy. First, make a film that climaxes (unfortunate word) with two acts of horrific genital mutilation. Take your film to Cannes. Declare yourself the world’s greatest director and proclaim that your film was made with help from the hand of God. Give it a provocative title. I don’t know, maybe Antichrist. Finally […]

August 3, 2009

I packed extra sandwiches before embarking on the 262-minute revolutionary bonanza that is Steven Soderburgh’s Che. Separated into two parts, The Argentine focuses on the Cuban revolution, while The Guerrilla looks at Che’s failed attempt to replicate its success in Bolivia. Soderburgh, who must be one of the most peculiar directors working in Hollywood today, […]

August 3, 2009

How do I review Brüno? What can I say about this film? Do I dare engage in a critique of its homosexual stereotyping? Should I suggest it is a brave work which does everything traditional definitions of great art should—confronting us and making us think? It’s difficult to know where to begin. Brüno has already […]

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