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March 28, 2012

By Thomas Sainsbury Directed by Richard Finn Performed by Whitireia Stage and Screen Arts third year students BATS Theatre, 21 March It is rather tragic when comedy fails. Thomas Sainsbury’s award-winning black comedy, Loser, was turned into a spectacularly bad scream-fest when performed by Whitireia’s third year Stage and Screen Arts students at BATS last […]

June 25, 2011

For a play that consists of four rather unlikable and self-absorbed characters, Closer does a great job at entertaining its audience. As the tag line promises, they get each other off and screw each other over. What is intriguing about Closer is that there is no filler in between. Closer is structured around the characters […]

June 23, 2011

If you feel that you totally missed all the hype and advertising for Skoolnite, showing at BATS last week for four nights only, then you’re still one up on the reviewer who ended up at the wrong show. Skoolnite was so underground that it proved nearly impossible to find. Five minutes into Fuddy Meers, my […]

June 7, 2011

Penguins, prostitutes, shearers, soldiers, and activists are all a part of New Zealand’s relatively short colonial history, as featured in Arthur Meek’s new play, Sheep. Written especially to be performed by the talented young folk at Long Cloud Youth Theatre, Sheep is a series of seven loosely connected short plays that tell a fragmentary story […]

May 23, 2011

I enjoy spending hours browsing through the various sections of local bookstores, reading tidbits of fiction and the odd bit of history, and losing track of time. However, I have found myself becoming a wretched traitor when it comes to actually purchasing the books. I know that it is preferable to support locally owned bookstores, […]

May 9, 2011

Brad Zimmerman is 24-years-old, has a massive mortgage, and is engaged to be married. But is he Grown Up? Naaah. This talented comedian had the audience at Club Ivy aching with laughter with his anecdotal, self-deprecating humour. He explored ideas of adulthood and responsibility, and managed to squeeze in gags about racism, domestic violence, ‘child enthusiasts’, sex, […]

April 11, 2011

If someone had asked me a week ago what Octopussy was about, my guess would have been an adult flick following the ups and downs of a woman with a great many orifices. However, after a few entertaining nights spent educating my uncultured, unworthy self about the finer points of the James Bond series, I […]

September 14, 2009

Local activist group Food Not Bombs is looking for student volunteers to help them in their quest to rummage through dumpsters and liberate perfectly good food. The group is local chapter of a worldwide grass-roots orgnaisation called Food Not Bombs. Their aim is to make people aware of the unnecessary amount of waste our society […]

July 20, 2009

Fuck you, you’re not getting a dragon pic Questions have been raised about the wastage of some of Victoria University’s halls of residence after one hall cited effort as an excuse for not donating excess food to charity. Attempts made by St George Hall residents to set up recycling and get the excess food to […]

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