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October 9, 2017

A learned man’s utopia is a desolate place. He creates a replica of himself to populate a land that hides the secret of perfect happiness and harmony, because he must play the role of the seeker of the truth, and what is true is what he perceives to be true. He both enquires and answers, […]

July 17, 2017

I came down to Wellington after hastily signing a tenancy agreement with two home-owners who could speak five languages between them. Little did I know that I would soon think of them as an Uncle and Auntie, rather than the given names printed neatly under the terms of our agreement. I had barely paid my […]

May 1, 2017

On the last day of March, 2017, President Park Geun-hye was arrested for the part she played in a major 2016 South Korean political scandal. By then it was three months after her official impeachment, but that time was not enough to dilute the drama of the occasion. Some commentators argue that Park Geun-hye was […]

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