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October 8, 2007

When flicking through an Australian fashion magazine recently, we noticed a whole mess of snapshots of a young-ish looking girl dominating the “what to wear” sections. In all the photos, she wore pretty awesome outfits, had great ‘it took me two hours to look like I just got out of bed’ hair, a cheeky grin, […]

October 1, 2007

This week we weren’t sure what we should write about, but then, we saw this awesome video and had no choice but to discuss it. It is the creepiest thing ever. Basically it is this dude who really, really cares about Britney Spears lying down and talking with his face real close to the camera. […]

September 24, 2007

The online world was rocked by the news that Vanessa Hudgens, star of High School Musical, got naked on camera. Yeah, that happened. And to start with, let me state that I feel rather sorry for poor V-Hudge. The photo was meant for the eyes of her dreamy boyfriend (and co star, how Disney is […]

September 17, 2007

What do you see beneath the slinky slip? This week’s article is dedicated to what is probably the best thing we have seen all year, and yes, we saw it online. But despite this, it is actually from a TV show – All My Children, to be exact – and it is a crime that […]

September 10, 2007

DMX, dawg killa ‘This is for my dogs, this is for my dogs This is for my dogs, this is for my dogs This is for my dogs, this is for my dogs This is for my dogs my niggaz’ – DMX ‘For my Dogs’

September 3, 2007

Who is the most obscure character on Gilmore Girls? After receiving so much wonderful fan mail in the letters pages in the last half of the semester, we decided it was time we had to give something back to the fans. So we wrote this week’s piece on a topic close to our and your […]

August 13, 2007

Oh the irony of being Ving Rhames A disclaimer: this article is not strictly about stuff that is ‘online’. The information, however, was sourced entirely from the Internet, so perhaps that counts for something. Anyway, since only two people read this column (who are, incidentally, also the people who write it) we can do whatever […]

July 30, 2007

Second Life. It’s a bizarre concept, but a pretty inevitable one. The ultimate playground to let your fantasies of having ‘magikal powers’ or being really hot, or whatever, run riot. People take this stuff pretty seriously – there is even an online newspaper (

July 16, 2007

We all know that MySpace is weird. The whole concept is totally wacko, and that’s why the writers of this column enjoy it so much. But this week, our enjoyment was taken to a whole new level – the search for Lindsay Lohan’s REAL MySpace page. Don’t ask us why we did this – there’s […]

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