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July 20, 2009

Look: It is easy. When I go and buy a loaf of bread I want a loaf of bread. I don’t want a fucking health lesson. I want flour, yeast and water, baked, sliced and packaged, ready for my consumption. I don’t want folic acid. If I wanted folic acid I would go buy some […]

September 8, 2008

An overview of ecofeminism and its claims that women and nature are not only inextricably linked, but routinely exploited by men because of this connection. While it’s difficult to isolate a universally agreed upon definition of ecofeminism, ecofeminist theory broadly involves an analysis of the patriarchal domination of women and the corresponding exploitation of the […]

May 5, 2008

Dear readers, You could be forgiven for thinking the Women’s Column for this week has sprouted a pair of testicles; such is its subject matter. But let me assure you, this issue really does need to be discussed. I generally require a certain amount of exposure to rage-engendering things to get me through the day, […]

March 17, 2008

Harmless fun or sexual harassment? It’s a phenomenon that every woman experiences at some point in her life. You’re walking down the street, you hear a whistle, or a truck driver makes a drive-by comment. Maybe you ignore it and go on walking. Maybe you feel diminished and embarrassed. Maybe you turn around and say […]

March 10, 2008

RIP Katherine Rich MP. Damn you for going quietly. Motherhood reeks of the inexplicable. There’s an aura of ‘something else’ which transcends the bloody, biological act of giving birth, and pregnancy has acquired a mysticism which binds mother and baby together in a blanket of unconditional love and expected maternal sacrifice.

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