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October 4, 2010

Although I missed most of their set, openers Glass Vaults sounded great, like a less arena-rock, more rhythm-focused version of Sigur Rós. But Pumice was the perfect opener for this particular show. Noise-maker that he is, he had a crazy bone-looking mouthpiece which he’d sing into at will. Crouched in a corner of the stage […]

September 27, 2010

Artist: Jon Lemmon Album: Kindling EP Label: (Self-released) In 2007, Jon Lemmon moved to these shores from the US to work at Weta Digital writing code for Avatar. Spending many hours a week meticulously shading the plant life of Pandora, Lemmon would return to his Newtown flat to work on his passion project: his songs. […]

September 6, 2010

Tommy Ill Tommy Ill (Loop Recordings) Full of catchy choruses, early nineties feel-good beats and soul samples, this debut full-length from Wellington rapper/producer Tommy Ill lives up to the hype created by his first few EPs and maniacal live show. A so-called “indie-rapper”, he inverts the usual rapper braggadocio, as others have done before, without […]

August 16, 2010

Billed as “Bitte Orca’s hotter, younger sister”, this mini-album does feel like an accompaniment to Dirty Projectors’ brilliant album. Conceived and composed by Dave Longstreth in less than two weeks, it was first performed at an exclusive benefit in New York attended by the arty elite (David Byrne, St Vincent, Vampire Weekend, Battles, M.I.A…). A […]

July 19, 2010

/\/\ /\ y /\ (or MAYA) is M.I.A. post-‘Paper Planes’ and living in America, trying to reconcile her indie-cred with her newfound mainstream-pop fame. She reaches to dancehall, old-school punk and dubstep for sonic inspiration, but what prevails here is the “digital ruckus”: the clicks, the beeps, the tapping of keyboards, the sound of internet […]

May 31, 2010

Artist: Janelle Monáe Album: The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III of IV) Label: Bad Boy As debut albums go, Janelle Monáe’s is one which could not be accused of lacking in ambition. The ArchAndroid is bursting at the seams with creative zest. Spanning a vast number of diverse genres, it could be accused of being […]

May 24, 2010

Artist:Sleigh Bells Album:Treats Label: (N.E.E.T.) Sleigh Bells is the latest in that unfortunately labelled line of ‘internet-hyped’ bands. A variety of leaked demos have established that Sleigh Bells is basically a pop band, but the one major difference being that these songs are LOUD. As in, official-entry-in-the-noise-wars loud. There are punk elements, hip-hop beats and […]

May 24, 2010

Artist: The Tallest Man on Earth Album: The Wild Hunt Label: Dead Oceans I love Highway 61 Revisited as much as anyone, but my favourite Dylan would have to be the pre-electric freewheeling folkster. So when I heard the first few seconds of ‘The Garden’ from The Tallest Man On Earth’s first album Shallow Grave, […]

May 10, 2010

One night at the beginning of last year, my girlfriend and I were lucky enough to experience two of the best live acts beginning with the letters “F” and “L”. One was Fleet Foxes. The other was Flying Lotus. But these two acts could not have been more different. Fleet Foxes, while nonetheless brilliant, played […]

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