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October 6, 2008

It is that time of year isn’t it. All the kids love it. We all sit in the grassy knolls anticipating the end of another academic year. Everything seems clearer, lighter and inexplicably nicer. Sigh… a Salient Feature Writer and bad ass muthafucker shares a bit of parting third year wisdom by letting you know […]

July 28, 2008

Bright eyed and bushy tailed with a smile that could only be the wonderful anticipation of a new adventure. Wellington seems like a city alive with art and difference rather than pretension and crazy bums. Oh first years, you are all so damn cute. Enjoy your naïve idealism while it lasts.

April 7, 2008

Should you be at university? Out of Victoria’s 21,000 students only a small percentage will graduate and an even smaller number will move on to do postgraduate studies. Only 15 per cent of students who enrol in a New Zealand university come out with a qualification. It is a safe bet that most students do […]

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