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July 7, 2008

The Last Tycoon is the first solo outing from Peter Morén, Swedish songwriter of Peter Björn and John fame. Pieced together over a couple of years, it’s a thin, minimal affair, perfectly showcasing Morén’s endearing meld of wry charm and social unease. Fans of Lennon’s solo work or Leonard Cohen’s darker material will no doubt […]

July 7, 2008

Water Curses packages a handful of Animal Collective’s leftover tracks from the hit-and-miss pop sprawl of last year’s Strawberry Jam, as with People, the follow-up EP to 2005’s Feels. The results are predictable, but welcome; the four tracks, for various reasons, didn’t make the cut for Jam, but are entirely suitable as a smaller, more […]

May 26, 2008

Ripe is supposedly the culmination of 3 years of song-writing from the radio-rock loving, Claire Danes-dating, earnest self-indulgent album cover photo-taking, one-time musical boy genius Aussie Ben Lee. The 12 tracks here were apparently whittled down from over 80. 80? 80 of these bloody insipid tracks existed at one point?!

May 19, 2008

Local lad James Carroll has done well with this solo debut. Like many of you fellow Aro-dwellers, I probably heard some of this album being recorded on my way to get chips.

May 12, 2008

The Mix Tape: loved by our Mums and Dads in the halcyon days of vinyl, forgotten in the age of the rampant proliferation of the insipid circular plastic filth of the compact disc, touted by a scornfully elitist Rob Gordon in High Fidelity; the mix tape represents one of the core institutions of pop music […]

May 12, 2008

Attack and Release, the fifth full length from Ohio minimalist blues duo The Black Keys, is an accomplished, well-crafted slice of fantastic blues-tinged rock. It ticks all the boxes – caustic guitar riffs, stomping drums, and moody flourishes of organ overlaid with Dan Auberbach’s deeply affecting vocal delivery.

May 5, 2008

Album covers are a funny thing. From the looks of Sea from Shore, the first solo foray from the excellent Field Music’s David Brewis (recording as School of Language), you’d think you were in for a sop album – the cover features Brewis sitting in an in-house photo shoot, staring mournfully away from a mirror […]

April 28, 2008

The Batswith Holiday with Friends and Minisnap, SFBH, Saturday April 5th Having spent over 20 years releasing marvellous albums and playing shows worldwide, the Bats definitely deserve their well-recognised spot on the mantelpiece of New Zealand musical history. Saturday’s show was yet another sweet chapter of pop from these Christchurch legends.

April 28, 2008

Room 101 Bodega, Friday April 11th It’s a real shame to see Over the Atlantic go, ah…over the Pacific, to the States. These guys have been a lot of fun to have around in the last couple of years, and many a shoegazer fiend in Wellington will no doubt be feeling rather put out right […]

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